Things we've been reading

Why Instacart moved to React 

GOV.UK Verify

GDS has started experimenting with mob programming. 

New Raspberry Pi released

Powerful enough to be your desktop.

Sitecore People's Choice Awards

Vote for The Royal College of Nursing in the Sitecore People's Choice Award nomination

Angular 1 to 2 quick ref

How Angular 1 concepts and syntax translate to Angular 2.

Understanding SVG Coordinate Systems and Transformations (Part 1)

Understanding the viewbox in SVG.

10 things to avoid in docker containers

Things to keep in mind when using Docker containers.

Type Safety and Money

Insightful post on design from Mathias Verraes.

eBay Platfrom Exposed to Severe Vulnerability

eBay undone by irreverent JavaScript library.

How to deploy software

Some good tips on deployment from Zach Holman.

RESTGames - More than Katas

You may have heard of Code Katas, but how about RESTGames?

Server-Side Rendering With React, Node And Express

Rather long (but frequently entertaining) read about server-side rendering of React for isomorphic applications, with plenty of examples.

The absolute horror of WiFi light switches

Fun post about the shocking (pun un-intended) state of WiFi light switches.

Elastic Database features overview

Microsoft doing interesting things with scaling and sharding their SQL database on Azure.

How we built Uber Engineering's highest query per second service using Go

How Uber handled high-throughput, low latency and CPU intensive tasks with Go (and the reasons for not using Node).

BrewDog’s open-source revolution is at the vanguard of postcapitalism

BrewDog open sources its beer.

Pre-merge Code Reviews

Pitfalls and anti-patterns of pre-merge code reviews.

Tools that have interested us


Want to try clojure but don't want to install Java? Planck has your back.


A headless, hosted CMS for creating and managing APIs. Could be useful for prototyping/mocking…


Get your GitHub contributions in your menu bar (OSX) - this would have been handy during Hacktoberfest!


Small, simple jQuery plugin for 'okay' responsive nav.


An interactive viewer to see and test how digital products respond to material design breakpoints across desktop, mobile, and tablet.


Redux is a flux-inspired state container.


Pretty looking git client.


Pretty neat documentation template


A static, strongly typed programming language: "You like cute little rabbits and powerful fast classes. Any questions?"

Videos we've been watching

Passive WiFi 

A clever re-imagining of how to manage WiFi on tiny devices, resulting in power draws of micro-Watts.

Modern Web

A range of videos on the latest web technologies and patterns.

About the author

Steffan Harries

Steffan Harries

Steff is a developer at Box UK who has worked on everything from legacy tech to shiny new frameworks. Having worked on some challenging projects Steff is an advocate of agile processes and automated functional testing in order to get business logic completed as quickly and safely as possible.

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