What We've Been Reading

Forget app_dev.php

Nice little tip for avoiding app/app_dev.php in Symfony apps.

Google Search RGB/Hex Colour Converter

Google add a colour selector/converter to the growing list of mini utilities you can get to by searching.

New MS Paint for Windows 10

Microsoft show MS Paint some love - now how's about making Notepad fit for the 21st Century?

JavaScript Journey with Six Characters

There is no practical reason for this existing, but it's interesting nonetheless - How to do everything in JS with just six characters!

You Might Not Need JavaScript

A collection of rich web components using HTML and CSS instead of relying on JavaScript.

Facebook Workplace

Facebook takes on Slack for enterprise instant messaging.

Make a Compiler with JavaScript

Excellent article on understanding what compilers actually do under the hood.

Linux Benchmarks for Server Side Swift vs Node.js

In which a man already heavily invested in Swift development for iOS and macOS attempts to convince people to jump through hoops to run Swift on servers.

Tech Luminaries Laud Dennis Ritchie... 5 Years After Death

RIP Dennis Ritchie, technology's Tony Hart.

What We've Been Watching


Fascinating film from 1978 about how newspapers used to be printed - we've come so far in just a few decades...

Writing a Compiler from Scratch

Gary Bernhardt shows how to live-code(!) a compiler from scratch in about an hour (skip to about 9 mins)

Tools That Interest Us 

Vue 2.0

New version of Vue brings a whole load of performance improvements.

Programming Fonts Test Drive

Find your new favourite font for coding.

Dontbug Debugger

A very clever reversible debugger for PHP.


A framework for WebVR development from Mozilla. Works great on a desktop but really shines with VR viewers (even Google Cardboard).


Facebook launches a speedy alternative JS package manager to npm.


An open reference guide for Amazon Web Services.


"Bare metal" development for Raspberry Pi in FreePascal. Where we're going, we don't need an operating system...

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Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

Steve has been programming computers since the mid-1980s and has spent the last four years principally in web development. Outside of Box UK Steve is also a hardware hacker, and has accidentally become a consultant for "Internet of Things" research and development as a result of his interest in this field.

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