Things we’ve been reading

SwanseaCon 2015

A good write up on SwanseaCon.

Come and work at someone's home

Disappointingly not an office you get to share with the Hoff, but a site to find offices in homes you can share.

Managing monolith repositories with Composer’s path repository

Using Composer's path repository type to manage packages in a monolith.

Educational Mithridatism

Interesting essay from Zed Shaw on how to treat learning like your building up a tolerance to arsenic!

Working with Scopes in PHPStorm

Interesting post on working with Scopes in PHPStorm.

Protected branches and required status checks

GitHub finally supports branch protection, no more accidental force pushing to master!

Stop breaking the web

Yet another rant on the decline of progressive enhancement.

Airbnb React/JSX Style Guide

“A mostly reasonable approach to React and JSX”

Hire People, Not Skills

Nice piece from MailChimp on why soft skills are more important when hiring and some tips on what to look for.

Facebook Open Sources React Native For Android So Devs Can Reuse Code Across Web And iOS

Android gets the love from Facebook, and we can now work on decent, well-performing apps on the two big mobile OSes using their native controls tied together with Javascript (which as we all know is the glue of the universe).

Faster Than Light Composer On Mac with HHVM

“Now, your biggest problem will be finding a way to spend all this free time left for you.”

Free hugs from a scary clown anyone?

Amazing explanation of the difference between the way robots with AI think, and how humans think.

Interactive Recommender Systems with Netflix and Spotify

Fascinating yet very humbling slides about recommendation systems in Netflix and Spotify.

Feral concurrency control: an empirical investigation of modern application integrity

It’s easy to get nervous about distributed DBs because of the various non-trivial integrity issues that have come to light lately. But turns out, even old-school RDBMs have issues.

Tools that have interested us

Announcing Radiian 

"Radiian scaffolds an Ansible playbook for deploying immutable infrastructure on AWS. This playbook provides a template for deploying whatever Ansible roles you like in an immutable fashion. It will take care of all the immutable infrastructure side of things (standing up nodes, tearing them down, etc), leaving you free to focus on what you want installed on your nodes."

Introducing The All New Trello Business Class

Trello business class looks great.

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Steffan Harries

Steffan Harries

Steff is a developer at Box UK who has worked on everything from legacy tech to shiny new frameworks. Having worked on some challenging projects Steff is an advocate of agile processes and automated functional testing in order to get business logic completed as quickly and safely as possible.

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