What we've been reading

Atlassian: Our bold new brand 

Nice post explaining the new logos seen recently on Atlassian products.

The Future of HHVM

HHVM and Hack set to diverge from PHP.

Announcing GitHub Desktop 1.0

GitHub desktop app v1.0 released.

Announcing CoffeeScript 2

Remember CoffeeScript? Version 2 has just been announced!

Sublime Text 3.0

A new version of the popular code editor Sublime Text has just been released.

Make Large Scale Changes Incrementally with Branch By Abstraction

Great article on using "branch by abstraction" to enable continuous delivery.

How the Saga Pattern manages failures with AWS Lambda and Step Functions

Making multi-step processes work with AWS Lambda.

How I work (mostly) TDD-style

How Ron Jeffries does TDD in reality - very interesting.

Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests Without Mocks

An approach to writing application logic that reduces the need for mocks.

Tools that interest us

Symfony2 Service Config Converter

Really useful Symfony2 Config Converter

Videos we've been watching

This is My Architecture

Great series of videos from Amazon on how different (generally big) companies make use of AWS infrastructure 

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Tom Houdmont

Tom Houdmont

Tom is a Solution Architect at Box UK. He likes learning about exciting new technologies, solving difficult problems, and promoting teamwork and transparency on his projects.

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