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Domain-Driven Design Reference: Definitions and Pattern Summaries

Don't have time to read the entire DDD "Blue book", or looking for a summary reference? Try this PDF from Eric Evans.

Domain-Driven Design

Another nice, succinct overview of DDD.

Awesome Domain-Driven Design

Amazing curated list of DDD resources.

Awesome PHPStorm

Handy listing of useful PHPStorm plugins.

Mocks vs Stubs in PHPUnit

Brilliant StackOverflow answer on test doubles in PHPUnit.

The Outrageous Cost of Skipping TDD & Code Reviews

A good overview of some of the best practices we adhere to such as TDD and Code Reviews.

Event Sourcing: What it is and why it's awesome

What is Event Sourcing and why is it good? Here is a good article to answer those very questions.

It’s time for makefiles to make a comeback

Makefiles are something we've been using for a while here at Box UK. Here's a post speaking of their resurgence.

Pull Request Etiquette

Cracking gist on what makes good pull request etiquette.

PHP 7.2 is due in November. What's new?

A nice overview of what's new in PHP 7.2, due out later this year.

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Tom Houdmont

Tom is a Solution Architect at Box UK. He likes learning about exciting new technologies, solving difficult problems, and promoting teamwork and transparency on his projects.

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