Download the code from GitHub : Current version 0.1.0


Named after a wedge monitor speaker that you’d get onstage at a gig, the Wedge.js library is designed for people who want very simple audio playback – no fancy effects, only loading and playing and looping sounds. It’s targeted at cross-platform development, to make it easy to target both desktop and mobile HTML5 apps.

This means you can write your HTML5 application to play sound using Wedge.js, and if accelerated audio is available through Cordova, that will be used. Otherwise, it will fall back to Buzz! by Jay Salvat. This means you can develop on your desktop and still hear audio, while still getting the benefits of low latency when you compile.

Abstracting audio playback

Under the hood, it uses the LowLatencyAudio plugin for Cordova to provide much more responsive sound than the native HTML5 web audio API.

Wedge abstracting audio

Find out more

If you’re looking to add audio to your HTML5-based mobile/desktop application, Wedge.js is an easy way to get started. Take a look at our examples page which shows how Wedge.js can give you audio in 2 lines of code!