In the fast-moving digital world the ability to respond rapidly to changing conditions and requirements is critical. Can your web projects deliver - or could adopting an Agile approach help improve your performance? 

Our report provides a checklist of key indicators to help you answer that question.

Spotting the signs

Any of the following problems sound familiar? Download your copy to find out how to upgrade your approach and reap the rewards: 

  • Heavy, quickly outdated documentation
  • Difficulty managing remote teams
  • Out-of-control admin
  • Unused and under-appreciated features
  • Spiralling costs and timescales

Want to learn more about introducing Agile into your organisation? Join us at the Box UK offices on Thursday 17th January for our "Making Kanban Work" event, where we’ll be exploring ways to minimise disruption and maximise delivery through the use of this highly-effective, visual Agile tool.

Download your copy

Five Signs Your Web Project Needs Agile

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