Many large enterprise organisations think that they’re not in a position to launch ground-breaking products and services. They might feel that they lack the flexibility and speed to keep up with a changing marketplace. 

That’s simply not true. 

You just have to change your mindset. You have to think more like a start-up.

Drawing on a business model inspired by the ‘skunkworks’ in place at major brands including Google, Amazon, Ford and Nike, we’ll show how the size of your organisation is no barrier to innovation - and provide some pretty compelling counter-arguments to other commonly-cited challenges too.

Don’t let anything stop you from pushing the boundaries of your industry or sector. Topics covered include:

  • Incorporating innovation into a successful existing programme
  • Operating rapidly in a staid, traditional market
  • Continuing to meet high-level business goals
  • Overcoming fear of failure

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Start-up Mentality for Large Enterprise Organisations

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