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Pragmatic wall displays for CI

By Box UK

How much information should be displayed on screens showing the status of Jenkins builds?

Operating as a Developer in Test

By Box UK

A recent project gave Box UK the perfect opportunity to trial the Developer In Test role.

Towards faster releases

By Box UK

At Box UK we're subject to pressures which affect our demands for stability and flexibility in our codebases; these need to be supported in our processes.

Unboxing: map, reduce, Underscore.js

By Box UK 

In our most recent Unboxing post we look into the rapidly changing world of JavaScript.

Making a big difference, in a small amount of time

By Chris Bangs

Box UK's User Experience Consultant Chris Bangs explains the process, benefits and outputs of a one-day UX workshop.

Unboxing: Vogue

By Luke Quinnell

Luke Quinnell, developer at Box UK, looks at Vogue, a time-saving tool that eradicates the need for reloading your browser when making CSS changes.

Managing projects

By Box UK

Looking at the common challenges faced when deciding on a project management approach.

Keep calm and carry on investing

By Emma Willis

As businesses continue to feel the impact of the recession, Emma Willis explores where you should invest budgets for maximum results.

Writing winning award entries

By Emma Willis

Writing an effective award entry can seem like a daunting task. Increase your chance of success by following our simple guidelines.


By Box UK

The Box UK Routing library is a comprehensive open source URL handler, managing incoming URLs, extracting parameters and rewriting the output.


By Box UK

The open source library Obscura is a PHP thumbnail library that offers a fluid interface to make 'thumbnailing' easy and intuitive.

Dependency Injection & Reflection

By Box UK

Dependency Injection & Reflection is a open source library providing a simple way to architect and test PHP applications.

Using sketchboards

By Box UK

Design user interfaces quickly and effectively using collaborative sketching techniques.

Building and maintaining trust: pt 2

By Luke Quinnell

Addressing the trust issues relevant to E-commerce and how they can also be applied to other types of website environment.

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