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24 Feb 2017

Tech round-up: Feb 24th

By Ian Jenkins

Fancy reading up on the latest tech trends and news over the weekend? Our round-up is the perfect place to get started...

05 Sep 2016

Handy tools for testing

By Sian Prescott

Looking for ways to streamline the process of testing your websites and applications? Check out the tools suggested here by Box UK Tester Sian Prescott.

21 Apr 2016

Ansible and Windows

By Kristian Jones

Do you use Windows as part of your infrastructure? Do you want to automate Windows in a simple way? Ansible now has expanded support for Windows.

11 Feb 2016

Failing first when developing software

By Tom Houdmont

Testing code offers many benefits - but why do we write the tests first? Principal Developer Tom Houdmont explains.

20 Jan 2016

An Sitecore WFFM error: solved

By Charlie Afford

Having issues with your Sitecore forms? Charlie Afford shares a potential solution in this post.

09 Nov 2015

Reducing congestion with

By Robert Rhoades

Noticed performance issues on a project, but don’t understand the cause? Box UK Developer Rob Rhoades explains how the Blackfire tool helped us recently.

02 Nov 2015

Hacktoberfest 2015

By Ian Jenkins

Throughout October, members of the Box UK developer community participated in Hacktoberfest. Here, Principal Developer Ian Jenkins explains what the event was all about.

15 Oct 2015

SwanseaCon 2015

By Tony Dronfield

For Tony Dronfield, Adam Tornhill’s talk “Treat Your Code as a Crime Scene” was a highlight of this year’s SwanseaCon. Here, he shares what he learned.

25 Aug 2015

@hubot What beers are on at my local pub?

By Robert Rhoades

Developer Rob Rhoades explains how node.js chatroom bot Hubot enables us to see what beers are on tap at the Box UK local.

28 Jul 2015

Setting up permissions in Sitecore

By Charlie Afford

Setting up permissions in Sitecore is vital to enable functionality such as private login areas – here we show you how to do it.

06 Jul 2015

Tracking PDFs with Google Tag Manager

By Ross Hulley

A recent development project required a solution to tracking users viewing PDF documents, which called for some exploring...

16 Jun 2015

Solr and unit testing

By Charlie Afford

I remember developers often remarking “Unit testing is hard because there is no way of isolating the Sitecore context”...

30 Mar 2015

Remote debugging

By Steffan Harries

Given that responsive design plays a huge part in modern web development it’s more important than ever to thoroughly test on real-world mobile devices.

26 Mar 2015

Shortening build queues on Travis

By Ian Jenkins

For about a year or so we've been using Travis for Continuous Integration.

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