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25 Mar 2015

Sitecore media mysteries

By Charlie Afford

I recently came across a very interesting problem while trying to work out why a content editor could not upload media in to Sitecore.

18 Mar 2015

Glass Mapper and Sitecore 7

By Charlie Afford

Manually mapping your code to your data store is an all-too-common strategy; however, proceed with caution.

11 Nov 2014

The Physical Web

By Ross Hulley

After attending the "The Web Is..." event in Cardiff, my mind was filled with exciting thoughts...

17 Oct 2014

Growing A Learning And Sharing Culture

By Steffan Harries

One of the reasons why Box UK is a great place to work is the awesome company culture. Part of that is the range of great practices and processes in place for learning and sharing, which I'm going to share with you now. Tech talks at least twice a month, sometimes even once a week

14 Oct 2014

Constants on JS objects

By Rob Waring

Turns out you can create constants in JS, as long as your JS engine is ECMAScript 5 compliant.

12 Sep 2014

Integrating QUnit

By Tom Houdmont

We recently decided to use QUnit on a project in order to provide JavaScript unit testing. 

11 Sep 2014

CloudFront: cross-domain access

By Rob Waring

We recently had to allow cross-domain access in Amazon's CloudFront service for some XML and closed caption files.

19 Aug 2014

Geocoding postcodes with Symfony2

By Chris Collins

We recently had a requirement which involved returning search results within a specific radius of a user-specified postcode.

16 Jun 2014

CI: Angular & Symfony

By Tom Seldon

At Box, we've long used Jenkins as our primary continuous integration solution. Aside from frequent, regular builds to ensure projects are up to scratch we also rely heavily on the automated building of Pull Requests (PRs) before allowing them to be merged. 

26 Mar 2014

New(ish) ways of making the web faster

By Steffan Harries

We look at new ways of making the web faster using tools like SPDY and WebP.

07 Mar 2014

Synchronising assets between Rackspace and S3

By Box UK

Recently we had a requirement to move a bunch of files from a Rackspace CloudFiles container to an Amazon S3 bucket.

20 Feb 2014

Korma’s where clause

By Box UK

For the most part Korma provides a nice composable set of functions for building SQL queries. It gets tricky with where clauses, however.

14 Feb 2014

S3 pre-signed URLs

By Box UK

Here at Box UK, many of our projects run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and we're always interested in how other people are using it.

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