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20 Feb 2014

Korma’s where clause

By Box UK

For the most part Korma provides a nice composable set of functions for building SQL queries. It gets tricky with where clauses, however.

14 Feb 2014

S3 pre-signed URLs

By Box UK

Here at Box UK, many of our projects run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and we're always interested in how other people are using it.

10 Feb 2014

Transparent SSH proxying

By Box UK

Need to proxy via intermediary servers to access your destination?

07 Feb 2014

Bolts, from Parse

By Box UK

How does the new Bolts library from Parse help us build iOS and Android applications?

06 Feb 2014

Re-use existing SSH connections

By Box UK

If you've already connected to a server using password authentication, why should you need to authenticate again if you find you need another shell?

03 Feb 2014

Editing Markdown in Vim

By Box UK

GitHub has made Markdown an essential for pretty much any project.

01 Feb 2014

S3 metadata minus the latency/costs

By Box UK

One of our CMS implementations is able to serve its assets from S3, but we have noticed that the time to look up asset metadata can be expensive.

31 Jan 2014

Shortcuts for iPad/iPhone testing

By Box UK

23 Oct 2013

Using Gmail from PHP

By Box UK

Unpacking the process of developing a solution for accessing and managing Gmail in a PHP-based application developed for a client.

25 Jun 2013

Packaging Clojure applications

By Box UK

Principal Developer Rhodri Pugh explains the process we've put in place at Box UK to effectively and stably package Clojure applications.

02 Jan 2013


By Box UK

Wedge.js is a tiny audio library that provides HTML5 apps with low latency audio if available, and falls back to Buzz! if not.

29 Aug 2012

SQL Finder

By Box UK

SQL Finder is an open source library from Box UK that enables the easy construction of queries from data when working with

18 Jul 2012

JSLint plugin for Jenkins

By Box UK

This open source JSLint plugin for Jenkins helps maintain a high quality of coding standards and automation.

19 Mar 2012


By Box UK

Describr is an object-oriented file inspector library for describing files and extracting key information such as size, orientation and colour through plugins.

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