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By Box UK

The open source package manger at the heart of Box UK's automated deployment pipeline, Fruity combines a full range of tools to make building packages easy.

Towards faster releases

By Box UK

At Box UK we're subject to pressures which affect our demands for stability and flexibility in our codebases; these need to be supported in our processes.

Unboxing: map, reduce, Underscore.js

By Box UK 

In our most recent Unboxing post we look into the rapidly changing world of JavaScript.


By Box UK

The Box UK Routing library is a comprehensive open source URL handler, managing incoming URLs, extracting parameters and rewriting the output.


By Box UK

The open source library Obscura is a PHP thumbnail library that offers a fluid interface to make 'thumbnailing' easy and intuitive.

Dependency Injection & Reflection

By Box UK

Dependency Injection & Reflection is a open source library providing a simple way to architect and test PHP applications.

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