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BBC Travel News.

From camera to user. Four times faster!

The client

The BBC travel news website operates in partnership with other BBC travel services to provide a continually updated, comprehensive guide to the traffic and travel situation across the UK. They aim to provide authoritative, independent information and have a dedicated team of reporters based throughout the country to constantly monitor the UK road and public transport networks, in order to ensure travellers receive timely information on their journey and can make informed decisions about their travel plans.

The challenge

Following a successful collaboration with Box UK to update their mobile travel site, the BBC required that their main travel news site be migrated to the same Forge platform, and used this opportunity to undertake a technical redesign of the site. Box UK were approached about the possibility of basing the new development on the codebase previously developed by our team for the mobile site.

The BBC aims to provide a comprehensive and accurate overview of the national travel situation, which required the integration of their live updates and traffic camera feeds into the new site.

Our solution

The updated travel news project was written from the ground up to facilitate a far broader set of requirements than the initial mobile travel project. We worked to integrate a wider range of travel data into a single, flexible feed.

The fast-changing nature of the data required a system that could deliver large amounts of data as soon as it became available, while ensuring the highest possible performance. The finished system is able to operate far in excess of its estimated peak usage, serving up to four times as many requests as expected. The BBC’s traffic cameras were successfully integrated into the site, and the Mapping Toolkit, also developed by Box UK, was used to create maps that provide continuously updating traffic information.

The outcome

The updated BBC travel news site is now able to provide a range of information in a clear and engaging format. The improved web service has proved extremely successful, receiving up to 8 million users at peak times, and is being rolled out across the BBC’s mobile and desktop travel sites.

The integrated traffic camera and live information feeds ensure that users can quickly and easily access a wide variety of up-to-date travel information from a single site. 

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