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Proof of concept prototypes for Friends Provident International.

The client

With over 30 years of international experience Friends Provident International (FPI) provides competitive life assurance, pensions and investment products for Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the UK and other selected markets.

The challenge

In order to meet core online goals (increasing sales leads, reducing support calls, enabling customers to effectively manage their products, and helping potential customers find out more about the company and its wide range of products), Friends Provident International required the design of “proof of concept” prototypes for their Hong Kong site. The graphic design of the prototype needed to adhere to the institution’s branding and style guidelines while offering a fresh new feel, but also be tailored  to the bi-lingual nature of the site (which offers both English and pictographic Chinese language options).

Our solution

Box UK’s User Experience (UX) Consultants first completed an expert usability review of the company’s existing international site, rapidly identifying key areas for improvement before the graphic design phase commenced. To maintain a connection with FPI’s established brand identity the colour palette and imagery of the existing site were carried across to the prototype, while design flourishes such as subtle use of gradients and ‘touchable’ buttons were introduced to create the more current and interactive experience that users have come to expect.

FPI Hong Kong prototype

To maintain consistency across devices and languages care was taken to keep the structure and hierarchy of the site as simple as possible. As many users would be viewing the content via Chinese pictographs, typographic experimentation was minimised to avoid potential formatting issues with blocks of text that could either contract or expand significantly in translation. This approach also helped convey important information including videos and downloads in a clear and engaging manner and enabled content previously stored as PDFs to be displayed on the site for increased findability.

The outcome

Box UK delivered a working interactive prototype for Friends Provident International to present to senior board members and gain buy-in for the redesign. By establishing the key elements of FPI’s brand identity at the outset of the project, Box UK’s design team could be confident in the scope available to introduce improved or entirely new conventions and produce a finished design that not only excites users but feels deliberate and considered.

By keeping the basic elements of the prototype clear and simple the design is able to easily adapt to different devices and languages, while reinforcing the international, professional and progressive ethos of the organisation.

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