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Helping the IET lift barriers to conversions.

The client

The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) is a global knowledge network with more than 150,000 members across 127 countries. They are driven by their vision of enhancing people’s lives around the world by sharing and advancing knowledge throughout the global science, engineering and technology community supported by individuals, companies and institutions.

The challenge

The IET was experiencing a high drop-off in the completion of their online membership sign-up process, and found that user preferences for sign-up were heavily weighted towards paper applications. They also found that online sign-ups often required a manual follow-up, due to missing or low-quality data, which carried support costs and time. The key aim of the project, therefore, was to review and update the registration process to make it more user-friendly, encouraging visitors to undertake and complete the required forms with all necessary information.

The IET membership benefits

Our solution

Box UK began the project by capturing stakeholder requirements through an on-site workshop as part of an in-depth Discovery phase, a core element of Box UK’s software consultancy service. Our consultants collated business needs, success criteria, key user groups and tasks through rapid, collaborative discussion and exercises, as well as gaining an understanding of specific pain points and opportunities concerning the current sign-up process.

The results from this session were delivered to the IET as a takeaway Strategy report, with a recommendation that they undertake an expert usability review of the existing site and key user journeys for a more detailed understanding of the reasons behind the high drop-off rates.

Focusing on the membership calls to action (CTAs) and form usability, the site was assessed for UX and membership best practice principles. The Expert Review was further supplemented by usability testing with the IET’s target audiences (defined through the stakeholder workshop), to provide insight into actual user behaviours and expectations.

The outcome

The results from the usability review and testing were analysed to provide the IET with a number of clear, actionable recommendations for improving the online sign-up process, both when highlighting the benefits of membership to encourage users to begin the process and removing barriers to form completion to decrease drop-off.

The institution can use this document, along with the Strategy Report, as a centralised reference for all design and development decisions, to ensure that everybody involved on the project adheres to user centred design principles. By keeping the needs, expectations and requirements of their users as a primary concern during the redesign the IET will be able to increase their ability to meet their wider business objectives of increased online sign-up and, ultimately, membership growth.

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