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Cross-platform microsite for Investec Asset Management.

Box UK has enjoyed a highly successful partnership with Investec Asset Management over many years. So when the financial institution to provide important news and information about their Global Investors Conference in Istanbul to the 100 delegates that would be attending, they knew they could rely on us.

Through the responsive microsite we delivered, delegates could access details about the agenda, speakers, transport and accommodation via their mobile devices - enjoying an optimised experience every time.

We were there when Investec Asset Management needed us, and we can be there for you too. Maybe it’s time for a conference between our team and yours?

Ready with responsive

To enable delegates to get the most out of the conference information needed to be accessible before, during and after the event. This meant that in a large number of cases, attendees would be accessing the site while on the move, using a range of mobile devices. It was immediately apparent that creating different services for each of these was not going to be a time- or cost-effective solution.

So we went responsive.

We created designs for a number of different ‘break points’ which correspond to the most common mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes, optimising them to be as clear, intuitive and easy-to-use as possible. The designs were then implemented as part of a framework that detects the user’s browsing context and adapts accordingly - allowing information to be delivered to the widest possible range of devices and platforms from a single, central system. 

A valuable information resource

Information crucial to supporting the conference programme was delivered through the responsive framework, including an events calendar, overviews of speakers, conference topics, talks and networking opportunities, and a whole raft of logistical information on transport and accommodation. The microsite was also integrated with Investec Asset Management’s existing Content Management System (CMS) so that content could be added, edited and removed as new information came in - enabling the financial institution to maintain an up-to-date presence throughout the conference as well as making the site a long-term resource for delegates following the event.

Investec Asset Management responsive microsite

Investor satisfaction

Thanks to the microsite, Investec Asset Management’s investors were provided with access to optimised content whether they were using a full-size desktop or the smallest of smartphones - enhancing their conference experience and providing an on-going source of information.

Responsive helped Investec Asset Management increase reach and improve engagement while saving the time valuable time, cost and effort. Could it do the same for you?

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