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Providing LAN Airlines with a top-quality CMS.

The client

LAN is Chile’s principal airline, and one of the largest airlines in South America. It is a member of the Oneworld Alliance and in 2008 was voted best airline in South America.

The challenge

LAN Airlines SA required Box UK to provide them with a cutting-edge, industry standard Web Content Management System from which they could design, develop and implement a website using their own in-house development team. For the project, Box UK would be working in a consultancy role, providing training and support to enable LAN’s developers to independently manage the CMS and develop the site. LAN also required Box UK to design initial templates, into which content could be imported by the client if necessary. Due to the geographic divide and time difference, it was very important to ensure that communication channels were in place to allow for a smooth delivery.

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Our solution

Box UK provided LAN Airlines with the Amaxus 4 framework and support, providing comprehensive documentation and training sessions; these were conducted both virtually and in-person, as a team visited LAN’s offices in Santiago. This training programme ensured the smooth transfer of knowledge and enabled LAN’s development team to quickly acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to operate Amaxus. Our team provided advice and assistance throughout the development process, as well as a depository of templates customised specifically for the LAN Airlines site. A flexible approach was adopted on this project, allowing the client to work in the way that was best for them and deal with any problems that arose quickly and easily.

The outcome

By choosing to power their online presence via Amaxus, LAN Airlines SA have a site that not only meets their current requirements but provides the possibility of future expansion and diversification. Because of the modular set up of Amaxus, LAN’s development team are able to develop and implement the site themselves, and they have learnt how to operate and manage the system quickly and easily.

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