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A new video hosting platform for Specific Media.

The client

Specific Media is an innovative global interactive media company that enables advertisers to connect with consumers in meaningful and relevant ways. Specific Media is the partner of choice for brand advertisers, with a notable Fortune 500 advertiser base and a roster of well-recognised publishing partners including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and Viacom.

The challenge

As part of a wider project to develop a system that would enable content providers to automate the process of uploading and distributing encoded videos, Specific Media required designs for a white label application prototype. Showcasing the integration of their video advertising platform with branded media hosting platforms, this prototype would be demonstrated to prospective investment partners. Any chosen design needed to be high-impact in order to capture the attention of this audience and generate interest in the product.

While Specific Media has a strong existing corporate image, they were keen to develop a fresh new look and feel for this satellite brand, influenced by the ‘app-like’ experiences users have come to expect from other content delivery platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. With the company committed to exploring the latest media advertising technologies, it was also vital that the final design be accessible through a number of media such as mobile phones, tablets and TV media centres.

Our solution

Following a detailed User Experience phase which helped identify and prioritise personas, user stories and user journeys, an adaptable design aesthetic was applied throughout the creation of the prototype’s graphic design. With the focus placed on visual imagery and the use of textual content minimised, this approach ensured a high-impact, consistent visual experience that could be maintained across a wide range of devices.  

BBE prototype
As the platform would be the primary front-end channel for users to browse, watch and manage videos, a huge amount of content needed to be easily accessible from this single source, in a way which did not overwhelm the user. Large, bold imagery including carousels and thumbnail images was contrasted against a dark background for a high-impact experience that still encouraged intuitive, user-friendly searching. 

The videos included in the prototype were carefully chosen to reflect the culture of the intended audience and show current real-world content examples.

The outcome

Box UK delivered the front-end designs as part of a full content delivery platform prototype that offers users a fresh, dynamic means to consume content. From the moment they land on the home screen they are presented with an almost theatrical experience that draws their attention directly to the video content.

By keeping the adaptive nature of the application as a primary concern throughout the design phase Box UK’s designers ensured a refined, cross-medium aesthetic that successfully retained the key elements of the application across a variety of platforms and devices, from a 48” TV to a 10” iPad.

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