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Award-winning sketching app for the iPad.

Sketching is an incredibly powerful tool in any User Experience (UX) designer’s kit - enabling ideas to be rapidly generated, discussed and validated before digging into the detail. However, the reams of paper and selection of stationery required means that the approach has traditionally been confined to the office.

We wanted to set it free. 

And so we built the UI Sketcher iPad app to provide designers with all the resources they needed to create high-quality sketches on the move. 

It was a popular development, and the raft of award nominations it received demonstrates our commitment to meeting user needs in a creative and innovative way. Of course, you can be confident that we’ll draw on this same passion to deliver success for your business. Get in touch to find out how. 

Faster. Sharper. Better.

Our User Experience (UX) consultants have embraced the ‘sketchboard’ technique for user interface design, led by the principles of the Design Studio Method and Adaptive Path’s Good Design Faster. Advocating the replacement of multiple, highly-detailed wireframes and prototypes with low-fidelity sketches created collaboratively and iterated rapidly, this approach dovetails perfectly with our User Centred Design (UCD) approach. The sketches produced are ideal for testing with real-world users, enabling us to validate we’re on the right path and gather feedback to help refine and improve ideas at the earliest possible stage.

However, the technique requires a great deal of space - as well as a well-stocked pencil case - meaning that designers have traditionally been limited in how and when they can employ it. Always on the lookout for ways to make the UX design process leaner, sharper and more effective, our consultants set out to tackle this challenge. 

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Setting sketching free

An iPad application was built that offered a realistic sketching environment in a highly portable format - created using the very sketching method it was designed to support in order to make sure that the needs of its highly specific target market were served effectively.

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Audience response certainly confirmed its success. Alongside features in leading industry publications such as Smashing Magazine and .net, the app has been recognised by international awards bodies - receiving Highly Commended in the Econsultancy Innovation Awards as well as being selected as an ‘Official Honouree’ in the Webbys, and shortlisted in the Digital Impact Awards.

So if you want to work with a team that pushes the boundaries to get the best possible results, you’ve found the perfect partner. And we want to hear from you.

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