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Specific Media

Innovative video hosting platform provides exciting branding opportunities for advertisers.

TBC Bank Internet Banking

With a new internet banking portal that serves, supports and engages customers, TBC Bank is perfectly primed for growth.

TBC Bank iPad App

Receiving the maximum 5-star rating in iTunes and helping TBC Bank double their number of mobile banking customers, TBC Bank's iPad app has been a hit with users, stakeholders and industry commentators alike.

TBC Bank Usability Testing

TBC bank wanted to know exactly how users interact with their kiosks before embarking on development work. Box UK's user experience consultants showed them.


Our sharper and smarter agile way of working delivers reduced timescales and costs for Telnames.

Thinkbox iPad Application

Saving time, reducing admin and increasing reach for Thinkbox through integrating their iPad app and content management system.

Thinkbox Systems Engineering

When faced with a 7,000% peak in traffic, Thinkbox had 100% confidence in us.

Trading Standards Institute

Helping the Trading Standards Institute make life easier and quicker for businesses.

UI Sketcher

Award-winning app for user interface sketching on the iPad.

Visit Wales

Video integration and multi media functionality: another major attraction for visit Wales.

World Vision Micro

Our software helped raise $2 million in a matter of months for global charity World Vision

World Vision UK

Expert usability review helped international charity World Vision increase online sponsorships to help reduce child poverty.

Some of our clients

  • The Royal College of Nursing logo
  • Investec Asset Management logo
  • BHA logo
  • TBC Bank logo
  • RS Components
  • The National Gallery logo
  • Jaguar Land Rover logo
  • Thinkbox logo
  • BBC logo
  • Trading Standards Institute logo
  • The Open University logo
  • Linde logo
  • Cardiff Uni logo
  • Friends Provident International logo
  • Royal Museums Greenwich logo
  • Royal Photographic Society logo

Why work with us?

A few of our awards

Communicator Awards Websites Distinction

Award of Distinction, Websites - Manufacturing

RS Component's Product Data Library provides efficient and scalable data storage for hundreds of millions of records, streamlining core business processes. 

Shortlisted, Omnichannel FS Provider of the Year

TBC Bank wanted to deliver the best multi-channel banking experience in the region and our user experience consultants helped them do it.

Communicator Awards Mobile and Apps Distinction

Award of Distinction, Mobile & Apps - Finance

Enabling customers to complete common banking tasks while on the move, TBC Bank's iPad app plays a critical role in their multi-channel strategy.

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