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IT Consultancy

When it comes to IT infrastructure, what you want is to be future-proofed.

To know that your systems are robust and dynamic enough to cope with whatever is around the corner, whether that’s new technologies, changing digital requirements, or business growth.


IT Consultancy: your crystal ball

Your crystal ball.

Unfortunately there is no crystal ball when it comes to the future of technology and instead guidance is needed to make the best decisions possible. World-leading organisations such as BCS, Investec Asset Management and The National Gallery all turn to Box UK - why don't you join them?

IT Consultancy provides the answers you need

The answers you need.

Drawing on experience built up over many years working across a range of industries, our team of IT consultants will provide you with advice on maximising the agility, capability and capacity of your systems. 

We deliver at a practical level too - offering expert support on the ground in the form of environment audits, systems consolidation, server maintenance and more. 

And we always keep one eye on the road ahead, to inform you of any emerging trends, tools and techniques that could be of benefit to your organisation. 

  • Need a robust procurement, disaster recovery or business community plan? We’ll deliver clear guidelines supported by in-depth research and analysis.
  • Considering moving some of your services to the cloud? We’ll create a plan for rollout that will get you where you need to go.
  • Not sure which hosting option is best for you? We’ll define an appropriate solution based on your current and future needs.

So. How can we help you?

OK, let's talk...

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