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Digital Audit

When it comes to defining your digital strategy, knowing where you are is just as important as knowing where you want to go.

After all, it’s only by understanding the current market, industry and wider digital landscapes - and your place within them - that you’ll be able to identify the most lucrative opportunities available to you. 

So when you may be struggling to see the way ahead, let Box UK’s consultants guide you. Our digital audit provides you with the insight you need to unlock this understanding - putting the power squarely in your hands.


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We leave no stone unturned, to ensure no opportunity is missed: 

  • Are scalability issues preventing you from going up against the big boys? Or perhaps you’re at risk of disruption from more nimble start-ups? Competitor research reveals the latest innovations are in your market, where they’re coming from, and what this means for you. 
  • Are you getting the greatest possible insight from the information you possess as an organisation? Data analysis highlights the tools, approaches and use cases that will help you remove silos and drive results. 
  • How suitable is your application ecosystem, both now and for the future? A systems audit assesses how well your environment supports your business goals, and what can be done to improve. 
  • Who are your users, and how well do you serve them? Stakeholder analysis covers business stakeholders, end-users and often-overlooked middle-users (those people who work with your systems, for example) to answer these key questions. 
  • Can users complete important tasks quickly and easily? User journey analysis measures performance against user experience and technical best practice to identify areas of focus. 

Armed with a baseline against which you can measure the impact of any future activity, as well as the confidence you need to move forward, you’ll be perfectly prepared to begin your strategic planning activity. So, what’s stopping you?

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