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From Pfizer and Tesla to The Economist and The White House, leading corporations, brands and governments across the globe rely on the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) as the engine powering their digital experiences.

Secure, scalable and highly flexible, Drupal can be configured to deliver the exact content and functionality you need to serve both user needs and business goals, whenever and wherever it’s required.

And as your organisation evolves and your requirements change, the Drupal CMS will adapt along with you, providing the perfect platform for long-term growth.


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Drupal development at Box UK.

Of course to make the most of Drupal’s capabilities, you need an implementation partner with not only the technical skill but the strategic insight needed to unlock its full potential. And that’s exactly what Box UK offers.

We’re proud to be part of Drupal’s extensive global community, which comprises over 1,000,000 passionate developers, designers, trainers, coordinators, editors and sponsors all working together to support and strengthen this open source CMS.

And we’re highly experienced in working with the Symfony components underpinning Drupal, having delivered numerous innovative projects using the technology; ranging from a digital platform for RS Components’ global engineering community to powerful, data-driven applications that have streamlined core processes for the British Horseracing Authority. Plus of course our developers follow a tried-and-tested process that ensures the highest levels of quality in everything they deliver, while our consultants draw on their extensive experience providing expert technical advice and guidance to truly get under the skin of your business, and design a digital solution tailored to your requirements, motivations and goals.

So, whether you have a specific web project in mind, or are interested in exploring opportunities to improve your business performance, give us a call today, and see just what we can do.

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Looking for the technical detail?

We’re currently using Drupal 8 (the latest version of the CMS), along with the following technologies to help us get the very most out of the system:

  • Ansible and Rundeck to handle deployments
  • Composer to manage and automate project dependencies
  • Solr for powerful search functionality

Benefits of Drupal

Flexibility, without sacrificing power.

With your content decoupled from delivery, you’re in control of exactly how it looks and performs, and can optimise its presentation to suit a wide range of different platforms, channels and devices. This also gives front-end developers more freedom in the way they build sites and apps - allowing them to use libraries and frameworks such as AngularJS and React to craft the perfect experience, quickly.

A content management system you can trust.

A mature CMS designed with robust security in mind, you can trust in Drupal to handle even the most mission-critical of your sites and applications.

A dedicated security team constantly monitors for and responds to potential threats - regularly releasing bug fixes and security updates to the core CMS to help reduce on-going maintenance and support costs - while the vast global development community ensures that all code meets stringent quality standards to further minimise the risk of vulnerabilities.

Mix 'n' match to suit your needs.

Drupal’s focus on modularity provides you with the functionality you need, in the combination you need it. With thousands of different modules available to enhance and extend the system’s core functionality, the only real limit to what your digital experience can be is your own imagination.

 Build an entire digital ecosystem.

You don’t just have to rely on Drupal modules to create your digital solution. The CMS can be extended still further through integration with external services and other applications in your ecosystem, such as customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and other critical line-of-business systems - opening up a world of opportunity and ensuring seamless assimilation with your existing infrastructure.

Invest in value, not licensing.

The open source nature of Drupal also means that there are no licence and royalty fees to be paid, helping reduce the costs associated with your development environment - and enabling you to direct your budget towards adding greater value for your users and your business.

Take on even the biggest traffic requirements.

When it comes to websites and applications, Drupal is used to doing heavy lifting - supporting large enterprises including GE and Pfizer, along with sites that experience extreme traffic bursts such as the GRAMMY Awards and NBC Olympics. So whatever your plans for the future, you can be confident that the CMS will support them every step of the way.

Reap the rewards of open source.

As an open-source platform Drupal benefits from one of the largest developer communities in the world.

The collaborative and cooperative nature of the Drupal ecosystem means that all of the features mentioned above are constantly being improved and extended, with more features added every six months as part of a scheduled release cycle - encouraging on-going innovation and safeguarding quality at every level.

Get going straight away.

Drupal’s intuitive tools for content editors and administrators mean that you can focus on the experience you deliver, not the process of creating it.

Configurable permissions and workflows make it easy to manage content publication without compromising on quality, while sophisticated tagging and taxonomy capabilities allow you to classify your content according to a range of attributes, so that it can be easily found and used by your audience.

"The relationship has developed over time and there is an honest and open working relationship. Technical delivery is good and it has been a pleasure to work with the team. We look forward to future projects."

- Jackie Applegate, Chief Operating Officer, ORX

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