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A need for speed.

Mobile users never stand still - so we’ll make sure you don't either.

From responsive frameworks to connected cross-channel experiences, we'll work with you to develop solutions that that extend your reach, attract customers, encourage interaction and increase your conversions. And with a track record like ours, you can trust in our ability to deliver:

  • Helping TBC Bank grow their customer base by 275% in just two years through the delivery of an award-winning multi-channel experience
  • Enabling medical professionals to access critical clinical information 40% faster than before through the BMJ Best Practice app
  • Transforming Investec Asset Management’s digital platform into a responsive service in just 24 weeks from start to finish 

“I want to thank Box UK for their input in our success; they have a wonderful team of great people and super professionals.”
- Vazha Beriashvili, TBC Bank

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Mobile and more.

Creating an exceptional mobile experience is about so much more than just the technology you use. It’s about understanding the specific motivations, behaviours, expectations and constraints of your users across different devices. It’s about knowing how your users journey across and between different channels to achieve a goal. And it’s about predicting how emerging technologies and trends will change these behaviours, so you won’t get left behind.

User journey map

This is why we involve technical and user experience consultants in our projects from the very earliest stages, alongside a mobile development team skilled in all the latest languages, tools and frameworks. To help you define a multi-channel strategy that not only supports your wider brand objectives but that drives business results.

Our tech stack

software design

The programming languages we use to build our mobile projects.

  • JavaScript (ES2015)
  • HTML
  • Sass
  • Node.js (JavaScript)

data sources

Many projects are backed by some form of database system. 

  • SQLite - a self-contained, serverless RDBMS often used for testing purposes
  • WebSQL - browser copy of SQLite
  • LocalStorage - JSON blob store used for storing arbitrary information in the server

Providing well-tested, reliable code for common functionality.

Frameworks and libraries commonly used on projects are those designed to provide an overall structure to the codebase, often in an Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, or to provide an Object-Relational Mapper (ORM).

  • Angular - JavaScript framework 
  • Cordova - mobile hybrid app platform
  • Ionic - mobile hybrid app platform which is built on top of Cordova and Angular
  • Gulp - JavaScript task runner

Projects are increasingly hosted in the cloud, or use cloud-based services for their functionality.

  • Hockey App - QA deployment platform
  • Travis - Continuous Integration server used for testing pull requests
  • Google Analytics - analytics platform used for tracking app screen views


Ensuring code meets our standards of quality. 

  • Jasmine - behaviour-driven JavaScript testing library
  • Karma - test running environment for JavaScript
  • Protractor - test running environment for JavaScript
  • ESLint - JavaScript linter
  • Sentry - service for tracking and logging errors and information about app usage

Agile Transformation

Used in the build process and for automating tasks.

  • Jenkins - build tool
  • Fastlane - bridge to release iOS and Android apps



A few of our awards

UK Digital Experience Awards Finalist

Finalist, Best Omni-Channel Experience

TBC Bank wanted to deliver the best multi-channel banking experience in the region and our user experience consultants helped them do it.

The 23rd Annual Communicator Awards Mobile Distinction

Award of Distinction, Best Practices for Mobile

With their Best Practice app providing crucial information on symptoms and treatments at point-of-care, BMJ can safeguard standards in the medical profession for years to come.

Shortlisted, Omnichannel FS Provider of the Year

TBC Bank wanted to deliver the best multi-channel banking experience in the region and our user experience consultants helped them do it.

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