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As a Silver Implementation Partner, Box UK combines specialist knowledge of the Sitecore platform with 15 years’ experience in developing award-winning, user-centric websites and applications.

We’ll quickly and effectively deliver your Sitecore installation, accelerating the rate at which you’ll see returns, while maintaining the focus on quality our projects are famous for.


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"Box UK are probably the most impressive development team I've seen among our 121 implementation partners"
- Sitecore representative

Silver Partner - Sitecore

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All about your users.

Sitecore's customer intelligence capabilities are transforming the way international businesses engage, communicate with and influence millions of customers worldwide. Which explains why it's the award-winning experience platform trusted by global powerhouses such as American Express, easyJet and Nestlé. And its customer intelligence capabilities are transforming the way international businesses engage, communicate with and influence millions of customers worldwide.

When we develop your website with the Sitecore Experience Platform, we're bringing together all your disparate channels including web, email, mobile, social and offline, and joining the dots to create one incredibly detailed picture of your user.

This then allows you to see each user as an individual, with specific online behaviours and buying habits as well as a unique history of searches, enquiries, bookings and purchases. So you can then craft the perfect journey to entice them with your offering - giving them the nudge they need to add products to their basket, complete forms or get in touch for more information.

"We wanted a company that was able to create a highly usable website for our members, and Box UK has absolutely delivered on that front."
- Paul Drinkwater, RIBA

Key features

Handling content-heavy websites with ease.

The Sitecore Content Management System is the driving force behind over 50,000 websites around the world. It’s powerful enough to deliver information to your users where, when and in the format they require:

  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Multi-lingual

And it’s intuitive enough for your team to create, edit and publish content quickly and easily:

  • In-line editing
  • Workflows
  • A/B testing
  • Form builders
Manage content the smart way. Manage content with Sitecore.

The ‘personal’ in personalisation.

Imagine being able to instantly know, and respond to, the preferences and personalities of your online users, just as you would in a traditional bricks-and-mortar store. This is the power that Sitecore gives you. 

Sitecore lets you precisely tailor the content users are presented with as they journey through your site, from the kinds of information through to the exact wording, image choice and offers available. 

And it’s this personal touch that will have a big impact on your performance - helping increase engagement, loyalty and, importantly, sales. 

A window into your users’ psyches.

Sitecore Engagement Analytics tracks your users across your different channels, letting you know where they’ve been, where they’ve come from and what tasks they’ve completed.

It will even tell you what kind of persona they most closely match, based on how they act while on your site. So you get the information you need to refine your marketing strategy and demonstrate measurable impact.

It’s never too late to make a change.

If you’re already using Sitecore, but feel it could be performing better, get in touch. 

We’ll give your implementation the once-over to assess how well it adheres to established Sitecore practices - from the underlying technical architecture and the specifics of your code through to key user journeys and automation processes. And then we’ll provide recommendations to help you get the very most from this powerful piece of kit.

Set up shop online.

Sitecore offers all the functionality you need to create an intuitive, informative and personalised retail experience. One that rapidly turns browsers into buyers.

  • Tempt visitors with offers and displays tailored to their location, interests and previous purchase history.
  • Manage the entire customer lifecycle from a single system by integrating with specialist third-party frameworks.
  • Use Engagement Analytics to get an instant picture of your buyers that helps inform future sales and marketing activity.
  • Track success with specific e-commerce goals configured from within the Digital Marketing System.

Get the basics right.

Box UK’s streamlined approach to the implementation puts your users at the heart of the process right from the very start. 

Involving business analysts, user experience consultants and technical architects at the outset builds a comprehensive understanding of user needs and business objectives - getting your project off the blocks more quickly and putting us in the best possible position from which to begin development.

We’ve got the keys to help you unlock Sitecore’s potential.

Need to get up to speed with your new or existing Sitecore solution? We’ve got it covered. 

Our Sitecore training services introduce your team to the system in a way that’s accessible and tailored to your exact needs. From content editors to site administrators, we’ll share the skills, tips and tricks you need to succeed with Sitecore.

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