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About Us

The biggest clients. The strongest partnerships.

It's reassuring to know that some of the biggest names in the commercial world have carried out their own due diligence, considered their options and chosen to work with us at Box UK.

Clients such as LAN Airlines, Jaguar Land Rover and RS Components trust us to produce powerful digital solutions, from enterprise-level custom software platforms to award-winning multi-channel experiences.

Why Box UK?

Maybe it's our proven history of success. Or the fact that our industry-leading team of developers and consultants wholeheartedly embrace Agile and Lean to deliver more flexible, adaptable and scalable software solutions. Or it could simply be because our C.V. includes a host of national and international awards.

Whatever the reason, before you make the leap with a software partner, talk to us first. We know you'll be impressed.

Our approach

No waste. Just rapid results.

Our process is geared towards maximising productivity and eliminating waste, so you get your software delivered faster without compromising on quality. 

Our QuickStart phase gets things off to a flying start, ensuring that critical project questions are addressed at the earliest possible stage. We also use this time to put the pieces in place for development to begin without delay - our technical consultants and user experience consultants working in parallel to make the best use of the time available. 

This momentum is continued right through development, and with a rapid deployment process you’ll be able to see working software before you know it.

If it matters to them, it matters to us.

The user experience is at the heart of everything we do, and our user-centred design process puts the emphasis on insight right from the start. User stories written in simple, succinct language capture the outputs of our research in a format that can be understood by everyone involved on the project and, importantly, are told from the perspective of the user. 

We’ll regularly ask for feedback during the development process, whether it’s finding out what representative users think of initial designs, or getting stakeholders to test out elements of working software. This helps ensure your project remains on track, and avoids any nasty surprises surfacing down the road.

Not just a methodology - a culture.

We don’t use Agile because it’s a hot industry buzzword, or to check a box on a form. We believe fully in the values Agile promotes: 

  • Flexibility.
  • Collaboration.
  • Communication.
  • Cross-functional teams.
  • Lightweight documentation.
In the fast-moving digital world the ability to respond to changing conditions and requirements is critical. Agile’s focus on regular deliveries of working software means that you’ll have visibility of progress at every stage, and can change the direction of development if required. You can also launch at virtually any point, avoiding the risk of products never seeing the light of day and your investment being wasted.

Long-term relationships. Long-term results. 

Digital is no longer just a tactical tool - it’s embedded into organisations at a strategic level. That’s why we care so much about building client relationships that last.  We’ll get under the skin of your organisation. We’ll learn about the specifics of your industry. We’ll act as an extension of your own team to the point where we’re able to provide expert technical advice tailored to provide real value.

This learning process doesn’t have to be one-way though. We also equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to maintain and enhance your digital strategy through dedicated training sessions, workshops and coaching.

Meet some of our team

Jaime Hindle

Jaime Hindle - Senior Account Manager

Jaime is responsible for ensuring that every Box UK client experience is an exceptional one, drawing on 18 years’ experience working both client- and agency-side for organisations including Panasonic Colour TV, Dutton Merrifield and Tidalwave Technology to provide tailored advice and guidance.

Allie Brock

Allie Brock - Business Analyst

Prior to taking on a Business Analyst role, Allie was Box UK’s Head of Support for ten years, acquiring a wealth of experience in understanding client needs, providing one-to-one support and task prioritisation. Allie also delivers Agile coaching sessions to a variety of clients, in her role as an external trainer.

Chris Collins

Chris Collins - Principal Developer

Chris has extensive development experience, having delivered high-profile projects for the likes of the BBC, The National Gallery and Investec Asset Management. Specialising in back-end PHP and database development, he is a keen advocate of the importance of testing and coding standards.

The largest companies. The biggest challenges. The happiest clients.

And don't just take our word for it...

Some of our partners


With one of the biggest PHP teams in the country, we're able to take advantage of the strengths of this incredibly popular development language to craft exceptional online services.


Looking to deliver a world-class customer experience? As a Sitecore Certified Solutions Partner, we'll help you achieve your goals.


We're expertly qualified in the tech that powers world-famous websites across the globe, as an official Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV) with a Silver Data Platform competency in the Microsoft Partner Network.