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How to make a million.

TBC Bank understands that the better the user experience, the bigger the gains. That’s why they strive to provide the best multi-channel experience in Georgia. And that’s why, when they wanted to introduce the first native iPad banking application in the region, they turned to Box UK’s user experience and design team.

The results have certainly been far-reaching. The app plays a major role in TBC Bank’s multi-channel strategy - which has seen them grow their customer base to over 1 million, and increase the number of remote banking clients by a staggering 275 per cent in just two years.

Mobile has made all the difference for TBC Bank. Now let’s see what it could do for you.

Forging the path ahead

As the first bank in Georgia to launch iPhone, Android and BlackBerry applications, TBC Bank had established a reputation for innovation. Their new iPad app would serve as a flagship product for early technology adopters, further reinforcing the bank’s status as an industry leader - so the user experience needed to be exceptional.

An exceptional user experience depends on a rock-solid project vision, so that’s what we set about shaping first. It was informed by a detailed mobile discovery phase that included:

  • Defining the bank’s strategic objectives
  • An independent expert usability review of current applications
  • Competitor comparison
  • Research into mobile banking and general tablet best practices
  • Identifying and mapping key user journeys

Mobile banking made simple

This enabled us to create designs that streamlined the most important journeys through the app by removing unnecessary steps and barriers to conversion - increasing the speed and ease with which users could complete common banking tasks such as transferring money, topping up mobile credit and keeping an eye on bank balances.

The designs also responded to the unique requirements of Georgian banking, such as the need to display information bilingually and support multiple currencies within a single account. And - anticipating sweeping design changes in advance of the major iOS7 update - a ‘flatter’ design was adopted over the more traditional skeuomorphic approaches used for other TBC Bank applications in the past.

Once we’d ensured TBC Bank had a clear, modern and user-focused interface, we could start introducing ‘delighters’ that would further enrich the mobile banking experience. This included bringing over a new Personal Finance Manager (PFM) tool from the web-based banking service but, of course, refining it to meet the specific demands of mobile so that users can explore and manage their finances wherever and whenever they want to.


Box UK's user experience and design expertise is priceless - not only has it contributed to a rapid and significant increase in remote banking clients but we've also now been named Global Finance's best bank in Georgia for the fourth year running. Thanks!

- Vazha Beriashvili, Deputy Retail Director

The iPad application has been a big hit with TBC Bank customers, internal stakeholders, and leading industry bodies alike:

  • Mobile banking customers up 50 per cent
  • Online banking risen from 20 per cent to 80 per cent of TBC Bank's business
  • 4.9 rating on Google Play Store
  • Finalist, Best Omni-Channel Experience, UK Digital Experience Awards

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