Rethinking ecommerce: Overcoming pain points and challenges for a business fit for the digital future

The transformation of ecommerce continues at a rapid pace, with new technologies – from NFTs to the metaverse – set to cause more upheaval. But despite increasing investment into ecommerce operations over the last 12 months, many businesses are still not set up for success.

This research reports in detail what challenges Digital, Marketing and Ecommerce Leaders have faced, how their investment decisions have impacted their outcomes and what steps they now feel they need to take to get their business fit for the digital future.

This report uncovers more about:

  • Why many ecommerce businesses are losing revenue despite increasing investment

  • The price the majority are paying for their rapid ‘kneejerk digitalisation’ as a response to Covid and Brexit
  • How businesses are hamstrung by the limitations of their current ecommerce solutions unable to respond to increasing customer demands
Download the Rethinking ecommerce Research Report 2022

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