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Agile Coaching

Why invest in Agile coaching? 

Unlocking the power of Agile is more than a question of implementation, requiring instead a complete cultural shift both within your team and the wider organisation. 

As practitioners of Agile themselves, our coaching team understands this reality and therefore design their sessions to provide you and your team with the knowledge and skills needed not just to do Agile, but to be Agile - responsive, flexible and nimble yet constantly focused on the goal in hand. 

You'll leave with an understanding of:

  • The core principles and practices associated with the Agile framework
  • What sets Agile apart from traditional methods
  • Roles and responsibilities in an Agile team
  • The importance of prioritisation, and methods to achieve this
  • Methods for Agile planning, scoping and estimation
  • The delivery structure
  • The critical importance of iteration, collaboration and feedback - and how these principles help deliver better projects and products
  • How to go forward and address your problems in your specific environment 

What's covered 

While Agile has been popularised in software development, the principles are relevant and effective across a whole range of industries and departments. Our courses include:

  • Introduction to Agile
  • Introductory requirements gathering
  • User stories and acceptance criteria
  • User story mapping
  • How to run retrospectives
  • Introduction to Kanban
  • Sprint reviews and user acceptance testing
  • Agile business analysis

We also offer bespoke, more consultative coaching services, where we’ll work with you to define a programme of activity based on your specific context and pain points - covering subjects such as:

  • Development in Scrum
  • What happens in a sprint
  • Agile reporting
  • Remote working and Agile
Take a look at our Agile games for a taster of what we offer, and email us today at to request a product sheet and get your transformation underway.

Agile Coaching

“Excellent training. The theories and principles were given practical context and we left with great advice that we could take away and start using immediately. I learned a lot.”

- Cardiff University

Some of our clients

  • FPS
  • Open University
  • Royal College of Nursing
  • Cardiff University
  • Ugly Duck
  • BHA

Embedding an Agile culture

Embedding an Agile culture

Download the slides >

You may be convinced of the benefits of Agile, but how can you bring the rest of your team on board with your plans to roll the approach out - importantly, ensuring that this happens in a way that’s both strategic and sustainable? Download the slides from our webinar "Embedding an Agile culture" to get the answers to these questions and more, and if you're interested in learning more, request a runthrough with a member of our team by emailing

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