“Applying user-centred design to your digital activities”

If you want to engage effectively with your audience, you need to tailor your digital offering to suit their behaviours, needs and preferred touchpoints. Sounds like common sense, right? Yet many teams find they still lack the tools needed to put (and keep) the user at the heart of activity.

In this session at the virtual Digital Leaders Summit, Box UK Senior User Experience (UX) Consultant Becca Babajee-Pycroft explores how User-Centred Design (UCD) approaches can be embraced to support the delivery of useful, usable and enjoyable digital experiences.

Expect to learn:

  • What User-Centred Design is and why it’s popular and relevant to businesses
  • How User-Centred Design and principles can be applied to a range of digital activities and channels
  • Practical techniques such as persona creation, and journey mapping, including ways of capturing the insight needed to inform these deliverables

Watch the recording (registration required)