In the spirit of International Women’s Day, Box UK proudly recognises and celebrates the women who lead with passion, dedication, and expertise within our organisation. As we embrace this year’s theme of #Inspireinclusion, we recognise the invaluable contributions of our female leaders, whose diverse backgrounds and perspectives enrich our company culture and propel us toward greater success.

At the helm of Box UK’s leadership team stand four remarkable women, each bringing a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence in their respective roles. We shine a spotlight on these women who embody the spirit of empowerment and inclusivity across our business and within the tech industry:

1. Claire Aspinall, Chief Growth Officer: With her visionary leadership and strategic insight, Claire Aspinall spearheads our company’s growth initiatives, driving innovation and fostering meaningful connections with clients. Her extensive background in marketing, business development and technology fuels our expansion efforts and propels Box UK to new heights.

When asked about IWD and #Inspireinclusion Claire said:

"I have spent much of my career in male dominated industries and in developing and growing my career have had to hurdle many barriers of gender bias. Through hard work, resilience and bravery I have been able to navigate through it and chart a successful career path. Inspiring the confidence in others to achieve and succeed is critical to my role. And as a mother of daughters I will continuously empower them to be agents of change, to challenge stereotypes and break down barriers as they navigate their own paths"

Claire Aspinall

Chief Growth Officer

2. Hayley Macleod, Chief Operations and People Officer: As the architect of our operational excellence and champion of our people, Hayley Macleod plays a pivotal role in shaping our organisational culture. Her unwavering commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace environment empowers our team members to thrive professionally and personally.

On #Inspireinclusion Hayley said:

"Inclusion is an integral part of International Women’s Day because it emphasises the importance of advocating for gender equality and celebrates the diversity of women’s experiences. Inclusive and diverse workplace environments give women a sense of belonging and empower women to contribute, add value and lead without barriers. I’m proud of the culture we have at Box UK, an inclusive culture that celebrates all aspects of diversity, promotes equality and ensures that everyone has equal opportunities to contribute and succeed, as reflected in our 50/50 gender split within the Executive Team. Inclusion must be inspired not just today, but every day - ensuring that women are celebrated, supported and empowered to reach their fullest potential. As a mother and role model to both a daughter and a son, I hope to instil the value of diversity and importance of gender equality in every aspect of life. "

Hayley Macleod

Chief Operations and People Officer

3. Abigail Taylor, Head of Operations: Abigail Taylor brings a wealth of operational expertise and strategic insight to her role as Head of Operations. Her dedication to efficiency, collaboration, and continuous improvement ensures that Box UK operates seamlessly, delivering exceptional results to our clients while fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.

On #Inspireinclusion Abi said: 

"Inclusion isn’t just about fairness; it’s about unlocking the full potential of individuals. When a team is diverse, we see varying perspectives contributing to innovation in their own unique way - and this is really exciting! I feel blessed to work in a space that not only values my skills, but also enables me to raise two little girls who can see their future potential as female leaders. My youngest daughter is determined to become a Developer - not the typical choice for a 9 year old little girl, perhaps. To me, this is a clear indicator that gender inequality is soon to be a thing of the past - girls can be developers, pilots, doctors. I love this and encourage my daughters to embrace their superpowers!"

Abi Taylor

Head of Delivery

4. Allie Brock, Head of Ecommerce: With her passion for digital innovation and customer-centric approach, Allie Brock leads our ecommerce division bringing her years of expertise and continuing development.  Her deep understanding of market trends and consumer behaviour drives our ecommerce strategies forward, enabling Box UK to deliver cutting-edge solutions that exceed client expectations.

On #Inspireinclusion Allie said:

"I’m fortunate to work with a fantastic team of individuals within Box UK and across our clients who are representative of all genders. Strong, diverse teams are integral to our success, and we celebrate our unique differences. I know that in bringing my best self, my knowledge, my ideas and my experiences to the team I am fully contributing to our equal success"

Allie Brock

Head of Ecommerce

At Box UK, we pride ourselves on cultivating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, where individuals from all backgrounds are empowered to bring their authentic selves to work and contribute their unique perspectives. We are incredibly fortunate embrace that diversity which in turn fuels innovation and creativity, 

Our women leaders exemplify this commitment, serving as role models and mentors who inspire the next generation of talent to pursue their passions and realise their full potential. Through their leadership and contributions, they not only drive business success but also foster a culture of belonging and empowerment that strengthens our organisation from within.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day and reflect on the theme of #Inspireinclusion we honour the achievements of women everywhere and reaffirm our commitment to building a more equitable and inclusive world. Together, we can create positive change and forge a future where diversity is celebrated, and all individuals have the opportunity to thrive.