Wales Tech Week (16th – 18th October) brought together a community of innovators, and changemakers from across the region and provided an ideal platform to inspire the next generation of Tech Talent.

The Power of Digital Partnership in Driving Growth and Innovation

Paul Evans, Box UK’s CEO and Nicki Young RS Group’s President and Group Chief Digital Officer took to the stage in a keynote session that advocated the  power of digital partnerships reflecting on  how the two organisations have come together in partnership to bring their collaborative expertise to create and continue to drive innovation through a whole organisational technology ecosystem. The talk was an inspiring exploration of the technology landscape’s immense potential for growth and development opportunities. The duo emphasised the importance of seizing these opportunities and prospects that lie within the realm of technology, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. They highlighted the critical need to harness technologies and innovation to foster partnerships with digital expertise, ultimately unlocking manufacturing’s exponential growth potential. This insight underscores the evolving nature of industry and the necessity for companies to adapt and embrace the digital transformation revolution to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced world.

One of the standout moments in the keynote was the discussion of the journey taken to create a new ecommerce platform for OKdo, spearheaded by Box UK. Paul and Nicki showcased the challenges and successes of this endeavour, shedding light on the importance of adaptability and constant innovation required to achieve success. Their presentation served as a compelling example of how organisations can effectively leverage digital tools and strategies to not only meet the needs of the modern consumer but also to redefine and revolutionise their industry’s landscape. The keynote session left the audience with a powerful message – that in the age of technology, the possibilities for growth and transformation are limitless, as long as one is willing to embrace change and push the boundaries of what’s achievable.

Nurturing Tech’s Inclusive Equation: Fostering Diversity, Accessibility, and Harmonious

On day three a panel session featuring Box UK’s Senior UX Designer and Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusion advocate; Gemma Helyer from Box UK, along with fellow DE&I champions Tony Bradshaw, Jade Lesh, and Sophie Mason, delved deeply into the intricate art of nurturing tech’s inclusive equation. The panellists emphasised the significance of fostering diversity, accessibility, and harmonious employer-employee relationships in the technology industry and in the workplace. Their insights were not just informative but also incredibly enlightening, offering a comprehensive perspective on the multifaceted challenges and opportunities in this vital domain.

Each speaker brought a unique and valuable perspective to the discussion, drawing from their own personal experiences. Gemma, shared her own journey, shedding light on her experience with dyslexia and how it impacts her daily working life. She provided valuable insights into the tools and techniques she uses to overcome challenges related to dyslexia. Gemma’s story was both inspirational and educational, demonstrating how diversity and inclusivity can be a driving force for innovation, as individuals bring their unique talents and perspectives to the table.

The panel went on to explore how employers can play a pivotal role in promoting harmonious relationships with their employees by championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They discussed how fostering an environment where employees of all backgrounds, abilities, and experiences are not just accepted but celebrated can lead to a more creative, empathetic, and productive workforce. This session truly highlighted the importance of embracing diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity in the technology sector, not only as a moral imperative but also as a strategic advantage that can drive success and innovation in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Talent 4 Tech

Talent 4 Tech marked the third and final day of the event, with many organisations and individuals attending to showcase the opportunities available in the tech space throughout Wales. This day of the event was focused around providing an immersive and inspiring experience to showcase to the next generation of the tech industry the possibilities and opportunities that are open to them.

With the tech industry fast becoming the largest sector in the global economy, this day of the event aimed to showcase the huge potential of building a career in the tech industry and the opportunities available in Wales and the UK. After some amazing discussions with students and graduates along with other professionals, we were delighted to connect with future talent and to showcase the opportunities available at Box UK.

“I was delighted to attend Wales Tech Week’s Talent for Tech event to promote the exciting opportunities at Box UK, and connect with future talent with a range of diverse skills and backgrounds. The connections made to help us enhance our CSR strategy, along with the insights learned will help greatly in propelling us towards future growth and success.” – Hayley Macleod – Chief Operations and People Officer

Key topics across the three days

Wales Tech Week served as a dynamic platform for exploring a range of key topics that are shaping the future of technology and innovation in Wales and beyond. Among the main themes that emerged from the event some key topics and discussions were around data, digital transformation, partnerships, and fostering innovation. These topics reflect the ever-evolving landscape of the tech industry and the critical discussions that are necessary to drive progress and competitiveness in the region.

Box UK actively engaged with a diverse audience to delve into these pressing issues and the challenges around digital that are currently being faced by many organisations throughout Wales and the UK. We also discussed how organisations must navigate issues around data and digital transformation, and the effective utilisation of new technologies which can empower their organisations and drive growth. Additionally, the journey of digital transformation was explored, emphasising the need for businesses and organisations to adapt and evolve to remain relevant in today’s tech-driven world.

Interesting Sessions & Discussions

Transforming for a digital future in the public sector

The session, “Transforming for a Digital Future in the Public Sector,” provided an insightful exploration into the ongoing evolution of the public sector to adapt to a rapidly changing, digitally driven world. The session illuminated the challenges and opportunities the public sector encounters as it strives to embrace innovation and prepare for the digital future. It addressed the pressing need for government agencies to streamline their operations, enhance service delivery, and engage with citizens more effectively through the adoption of digital solutions. The session also highlighted the unique hurdles faced, including issues of data security, privacy, and the digital divide, while shedding light on how these challenges can be transformed into opportunities for innovation, ultimately paving the way for a more efficient and citizen-centric public sector.

How Technology can help Businesses grow, increase productivity and create meaningful workplaces

The session “How Technology can help Businesses grow, increase productivity and create meaningful workplaces,” offered a dynamic exploration of the intersection between technology, business growth, and fostering positive workplaces. The session delved into how cutting-edge AI and software solutions can serve as catalysts for change, enabling seamless collaboration and empowering workers through upskilling initiatives. It highlighted that businesses embracing these technological advancements have the potential to significantly enhance their productivity, ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation.

Furthermore, the keynote session addressed a critical aspect of the modern business landscape – inclusivity and meaningful work environments. It underscored the role of tech-enabled businesses in creating workplaces where every voice is valued and every individual’s contributions are recognised. By leveraging technology, these businesses can dismantle barriers, promote diversity, and cultivate an atmosphere where employees feel inspired and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. This dual focus on productivity and creating meaningful workplaces illustrated how technology has the power not only to drive success but also to nurture environments where employees thrive and businesses flourish.

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