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NHS Hack Weekend: a review

By Sam Knight

Recently developers in Cardiff joined forces with medical professionals for #NHSHD. Here Sam Knight reveals how a team of Box UK coders did.

A pull request heard around the world

By Box UK

A response to a pull request from a Box UK developer had a huge impact online.

HTTP concurrency & the NetSuite API

By Box UK

There are many possible solutions to managing HTTP concurrency. Here's an approach taken on a recent Box UK project.

Using Gmail from PHP

By Box UK

Unpacking the process of developing a solution for accessing and managing Gmail in a PHP-based application developed for a client.

Packaging Clojure applications

By Box UK

Principal Developer Rhodri Pugh explains the process we've put in place at Box UK to effectively and stably package Clojure applications.

What is Sitecore: a developer's view

By Box UK

We explore some of the key features of the award-winning Sitecore CMS.

Unboxing: vim-fireplace

By Box UK

Introducing vim-fireplace, a plugin providing nREPL functionality for Clojure, to see how it compares with Swank and Slime.

Stop technical debt from crushing coders!

By Box UK

Working on projects with a lot of technical debt can demoralise even the best coders. What is it, and how can we avoid it?

Literate documentation with Docco

By Box UK

Documentation is vital to successful software projects. Can literate programming tool Docco help us to explain ourselves?

Planning for uncertainty

By Owen Phelps

Owen Phelps explores the difficulties inherent in software estimation and the ways our process manages uncertainty and minimises risk.

Introducing QA

By Box UK

We challenge misconceptions around QA's role in software development, focusing on key benefits.

Filtering Associations with Doctrine 2

By Jon Morgan

Principal Developer Jon Morgan explores solutions to filtering associations when using Doctrine 2 entities.

Deploy any branch with Capistrano

By Box UK

Box UK Developer Gareth Rees explains how to deploy any branch to a server using Capistrano.

PHPUnit & XDebug

By Box UK

XDebug greatly helps with pragmatic code coverage but can affect performance. How can this challenge be resolved?

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