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A tale of three Git systems

By Box UK

Principal Developer Craig Marvelley compares three Git UIs to discover what’s most suitable for Box UK as we move over from Subversion.

Twitter chat: all about Agile

By Emma Willis

Last month we continued our series of live Twitter chats ('#boxchat') with a discussion on the Agile method of project management.

Why bother with a Content Strategy?

By Emma Willis

The term 'Content Strategy' is popular, but what is it? And more importantly, why should you bother putting one in place?


By Box UK

We unbox, a multiplatform tool that supports the creation of applications for a range of mobile devices.

Mastering Scrum

By Sian Prescott

As part of Box UK's commitment to Agile, a number of our team recently took part in ScrumMaster training to improve and optimise processes.

Digital metrics to measure

By Emma Willis

The popularity and importance of online analytics continues to grow. What are some of the essential metrics you should be looking at?

Using Group By in SQL

By Owen Phelps

With some uncertainty surrounding the GROUP BY function in SQL statements, Owen Phelps explains the key features and applications.

The golden rules of social Q&As

By Emma Willis

Emma Willis explores how businesses can conduct a successful Question and Answer session by taking advantage of social media channels.

Why is Box UK tech agnostic?

By Box UK

At Box UK we're very proud to be technology agnostic, as it has many benefits for both our internal teams and for our clients.

What businesses need to know about Twitter

By Sian Prescott

As social media increases in popularity, how can businesses use one of its most ubiquitous platforms to their advantage?

Mobile apps: how hard is it really?

By Emma Willis

The TV show The Apprentice makes producing mobile apps look like a piece of cake. Can this be a true representation of the process?

The mobile revolution

By Chris Bangs

Mobile web usage keeps growing. In this post we explore the options available for companies thinking about mobile strategy.

Unboxing: Spotify app platform

By Ian Jenkins

Spotify have recently created a platform for their highly popular streaming music application. Ian Jenkins 'unboxes' this platform in a new blog post.

Using agile to run client support

By Box UK

We've recently started to apply Agile principles to our support processes. Stuart Arthur explores the benefits of this method in this post.

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