From architecture to usability – diagnosing diagnostics for Jaguar Land Rover.

Having established a reputation as a premier provider of luxury vehicles, it’s vitally important that Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) maintains the highest standards of quality and consistency across their global team. So when they needed an independent review of their Symptom Driven Diagnostics (SDD) software, they turned to a bespoke software consultancy partner for whom quality and consistency are second nature: Box UK.

We embarked on a comprehensive research and evaluation project, the results of which informed a roadmap and prototype that outlined how the software could be extended – allowing it to be scaled internationally without ever compromising the premium experience that’s so integral to the JLR brand.

Our assessment provided JLR with the answers they needed to move forward in the right direction. If you have questions critical to the future of your software, see how we can help you too.

Answering the big question

Jaguar Land Rover wanted to increase the accessibility of their Symptom Driven Diagnostics software by making it available via web delivery, rather than requiring it to be installed on individual machines. However before undertaking what could potentially be a major bespoke development project, they needed to understand whether the current software was suitable for repurposing in such a way – and the cost, complexity and timescales involved with doing so.

Unravelling the architecture

We realised that to provide JLR with the information they needed, we first had to build up an in-depth knowledge of the software in its current state. Through workshops with client stakeholders we discovered that although stable, the software had grown organically over time in response to the specific needs of different JLR stakeholders. This evolution was reflected in an intricate underlying architecture – and further investigation was clearly required.

Our technical consultants looked at the structure of the code itself, stripping it apart to assess it line-by-line. At the same time, our user experience consultants set up workshops to evaluate the software’s usability – producing a prototype to demonstrate how it may be developed further in line with best practice principles.

An informed decision

Armed with the findings from our assessment, JLR can be confident in making decisions surrounding the strategic direction of their diagnostics software, helping them get the greatest possible value out of any future investment. Additionally, should they choose to rearchitect, they have been provided with a validated roadmap showing how the software could be scaled across territories while maintaining the luxury feel associated with the organisation – supporting plans for growth and providing technicians with a standard process to follow without ever compromising on quality.

We continue to work with JLR as a trusted technical partner. Alongside exploring innovative new technologies to help them remain at the cutting edge of their industry, our consultants have also delivered tailored Agile coaching to make sure that they’re able to take advantage of these opportunities as soon as they arise.

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