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TBC Bank internet banking portal.

A smarter strategy, for smarter banking.

When it comes to multi-channel banking, TBC Bank has big aspirations. Not content with winning a host of awards for their services - including being named the Best Bank in Georgia for an incredible six years running - they set an ambitious target to become the #1 commercial bank in the region. 

To make this ambition a reality, TBC Bank required a comprehensive redesign of their retail internet banking portal. So they called on the expertise of a User Experience & Design (UX&D) partner they knew could deliver: Box UK. 

The new portal draws on the work done previously to overhaul TBC Bank’s mobile banking applications, offering a task-focused information architecture, streamlined user interface and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system integration. Users are able to complete core banking tasks with ease, while the bank benefits from increased engagement as well as greater cross-selling and upselling opportunities. 

Having achieved their goal, and also grown their customer base to over two million, TBC Bank think our input is "priceless". Now let us prove how invaluable we could be for your organisation.

"Box UK's user experience and design expertise is priceless - not only has it contributed to a rapid and significant increase in remote banking clients but we've also now been named Global Finance's best bank in Georgia for the sixth year running. Thanks!"
- Vazha Beriashvili, Deputy Retail Director, TBC Bank

What users want

Having built a close working relationship with TBC Bank over a number of years, we knew that digital channels played a vital role in differentiating the bank from its competitors, growing market share, and increasing sales. Delivering an exceptional experience through the internet banking portal was therefore crucial to the success of their business strategy - and that meant keeping the user at the heart of all design decisions. 

Alongside stakeholder workshops that uncovered the project’s specific requirements and goals then, we also took a close look at TBC Bank’s analytics - giving us genuine, objective insight into user behaviour, including the most popular pages and user journeys from the existing portal. When it came to defining the Information Architecture (IA) for the new portal, this insight helped ensure that the IA was centred around common user tasks, rather than individual banking products, and therefore as useful and usable as possible. 

Ruthless design

This focus on the user and their needs didn’t stop at the IA, but continued right through to the User Interface (UI) design. Here the principles of user experience came to the fore: keep it simple, consistent and relevant. If an element couldn’t be justified as serving or being used by the user, then it was stripped out. 

We also drew on the work we’d done when designing TBC Bank’s mobile services to ensure the look and feel of the banking portal was as clean and high-impact as possible. This included the introduction of visual dashboards to display important information at-a-glance, while providing easy access to content and services from across the portal. 

The personal touch

As TBC Bank strives to remain a leader in multi-channel banking, our research also took us further afield, as we looked for digital trends both within and outside of the finance industry that would help them increase both customers and sales. Immediately, the integration of their CRM system with their web platform stood out as an incredibly valuable opportunity.

By joining up these two systems, TBC Bank can identify the products and services that people will likely be interested in, based on their product portfolio, preferences and past interactions. Sales messages can then be tailored accordingly, and delivered at exactly the right moment for maximum relevance and impact.

A smarter approach

The new internet banking portal supports a smarter strategy for TBC Bank, and smarter banking for their customers - helping them manage their day-to-day finances with ease. The work we’ve done has also helped facilitate a smarter way of delivering support and sales messages, for a better user experience that has had a significant impact on TBC Bank’s ability to achieve their goals. 

Since beginning their digital transformation, the bank has grown its customer base to over two million, and increased internet banking penetration by 76%. They’ve also won a slew of awards for their digital innovations, including being named “Best Digital Bank in Georgia” and “Best Mobile Banking App in Central and Eastern Europe” by Global Finance Magazine. 

So if you’ve got big  digital ambitions, get in touch with us today, and see how we can help make them a reality.

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