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Box UK’s bespoke software consultancy services support the delivery of mission-critical solutions, enabling clients to make the right decisions at the right time for successful business outcomes.

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Our software development consultants have extensive experience working across different industries and projects, asking the searching questions needed to get organisations where they need to be.

Whether your business is looking to scale in response to a period of growth, drive forward a wider digital transformation strategy, or gain crucial competitive advantage in the face of market disruption, our services will give you targeted and detailed insight to help you achieve your goals.

Why choose Box UK?

Box UK offers an unrivalled depth and breadth of IT and software consultancy services, from code reviews and Agile coaching through to complex platform and architecture design – and has been working with enterprise organisations across the globe to improve their systems for more than twenty years.

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Our multidisciplinary team draws on decades of experience to help businesses achieve measurable returns from their digital investment, and act as strategic partners to an international roster of clients from our headquarters in the capital of Wales, offices in central London, and on-site as part of embedded teams.

Bespoke Software Consultancy Services

Bespoke Software Consultancy Case Studies


As RS Components’ long-term technical partner, the projects Box UK has delivered for the leading electronics distributor over the years have produced measurable results, time and time again.

This includes transforming the DesignSpark platform that sits at the heart of their global engineering community, by introducing valuable new features and functionality to help increase engagement and satisfaction, while putting RS Components front-of-mind for subsequent purchase activity.

Bespoke Software Consultancy Case Studies

Jaguar Land Rover

Before undertaking what could potentially be a major redevelopment of their Symptom Driven Diagnostics tool, JLR needed to understand what was going on with the software in its current state.

By conducting a code review as part of a comprehensive research and evaluation project, we provided JLR with the insight they needed, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions about the software’s future, and helping to ensure they get the greatest possible value out of any investment.

Bespoke software examples

  • Content Management Systems (CMS): Custom CMS software allows businesses to create, manage, and publish digital content efficiently, tailored to their specific content management needs for websites, blogs, or other digital platforms. This takes the functionality and customisation beyond typical out of the box CMS solutions to deliver additional value and benefits.
  • E-commerce Platforms: Bespoke e-commerce solutions enable businesses to build and manage large and complex online stores, incorporating customised features for product management, functionality, order processing, payment gateways, and customer engagement systems.
  • Analytics Tools: Custom analytics software tools provide organisations with insights into their data, enabling informed decision-making, trend analysis, forecasting, and performance monitoring customised to their unique data sources and business objectives. Bespoke analytics software enables data visualisation, analysis and insights which go beyond the out of the box solutions and can be customised to meet changing user needs.

  • Project Management Software: Custom project management software assists organisations in planning, tracking, executing, and managing complex and large projects, offering personalised features such as task management, resource allocation, collaboration tools, and reporting capabilities which enables users to perform complex tasks which are specific to their organisation and their processes.




Box UK is ideally placed to provide you with software solutions that drive increased engagement and higher conversion rates, having worked with a range of progressive and visionary organisations across a range of industries including:


"By taking advantage of Box uk’s expertise from a range of industries we have been able to develop new skills within our teams, understand the potential of new technologies and expediently implement new systems."

Nick Hampshire

Chief Executive, ateb

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