Software Consultancy Services

Software Design

Accelerate time to market, reduce cost and minimise risk with detailed software specifications that target your exact requirements, processes and business environment.

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Code Review Service

If you’re concerned about how fit-for-purpose your software systems might be, a code review is the first step towards understanding the status quo, and identifying a roadmap for improvement.

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Legacy Software Rescue

We’ll overhaul your outdated or poorly-performing legacy systems in a way that maximises value while minimising risk – enabling you to deliver new features and take advantage of emerging technologies while supporting long-term success.

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Agile Consultancy

Increase speed, improve project visibility and respond more quickly to change with the help of our Agile consultancy services that provide you with a tailored programme of work to support every stage of your Agile transformation.

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Agile Coaching

Whether you’re just getting started with Agile or are further along in your adoption, our Agile coaching programmes provide quality training through a flexible framework and are designed to deliver results.

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Agile Games

Explore some of the interactive, fun techniques we use to help organisations get to grips with the key principles of Agile – from iterative development and planning processes, through to prioritisation and retrospectives.

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Software Consultancy in action


As RS Components’ long-term technical partner, the projects Box UK has delivered for the leading electronics distributor over the years have produced measurable results, time and time again.

This includes transforming the DesignSpark platform that sits at the heart of their global engineering community, by introducing valuable new features and functionality to help increase engagement and satisfaction, while putting RS Components front-of-mind for subsequent purchase activity.

Jaguar Land Rover

Before undertaking what could potentially be a major redevelopment of their Symptom Driven Diagnostics tool, JLR needed to understand what was going on with the software in its current state.

By conducting a code review as part of a comprehensive research and evaluation project, we provided JLR with the insight they needed, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions about the software’s future, and helping to ensure they get the greatest possible value out of any investment.

How RS Components tackled the challenge of legacy code