High-performance strategic planning, to inform robust yet agile product and technology roadmaps.

For the structure and long-term vision needed to keep you on the path to digital transformation success, planning an effective strategic roadmap planning is vital.

Team designing new digital service

Guiding the implementation of your wider digital transformation strategy, your roadmap will support you in identifying necessary technology updates, planning for cultural changes (such as the implementation of Agile ways of working) and recruiting new team members, and will give you a crucial point of reference from which to establish a shared understanding of future direction.

Deliverables include

Strategic roadmap planning at Box UK

Our consultants will support you through every stage of strategic planning, leaving you with a clear roadmap detailing priority issues and next steps.

Areas of strategic focus

Topics that might be covered in your strategic roadmap planning activity include:

  • Highlighting where legacy products and technology may need updating, upgrading or replacing entirely to drive operational efficiencies and maintain competitive advantage
  • Pinpointing areas for potential future investment in order to create, enhance or extend capabilities in line with strategic goals
  • Understanding how your business processes may benefit from elements of Agile methodologies to increase efficiency, velocity and value
  • Identifying emerging trends and opportunities that can be taken advantage of to capitalise on first-mover status, as well as threats or risks to be mitigated against
  • Uncovering and defining user needs, to understand the features and functionality required to maximise value
  • Defining a strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy that supports the delivery of exceptional cross-channel experiences
  • Supporting your expansion into new markets with designs for innovative new products and services

Example high-level roadmap

Implementing your roadmap

Alongside defining the ‘what’ of your digital plans, your strategic product roadmap also informs the ‘how’, by enabling us to work out which implementation approaches are best for you.

For example, will integrating a top-quality solution deliver the specific functionality you need, or is a custom development project the most effective option? A technology roadmap will provide the information required to determine this, along with any associated time, cost or dependency considerations.

RS Design Spark screen views of different devices

We can even use your roadmap to assess how long your competitive advantage is likely to last, and build in Agile review and feedback loops – to make sure your plans serve you long into the future.

Strategic Roadmap Planning in Action


When BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT wanted to extend and enhance their IT skills framework SFIAplus, they knew it was vital to ensure any improvements were made in the right way.

Following a sustainability exercise that explored a variety of development options, we defined a strategic roadmap to introduce a wealth of new functionality into the framework, helping BCS make the most of their assets so they can remain the de facto skills tool for IT professionals across the globe for many years to come.

Jaguar Land Rover

Before undertaking what could potentially be a major redevelopment of their Symptom Driven Diagnostics software, JLR needed to understand the paths available to them, and the cost, complexity and timescales involved with doing so for each option.

Through a comprehensive research and evaluation project, we provided JLR with the insight they needed, giving them a validated roadmap to support future plans for scalability and growth, without ever compromising on quality.

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