We gave the National Trust in Wales a shared language to discuss bilingual site requirements – and helped them make the most of their existing assets in the process.

The National Trust is responsible for looking after historic buildings and areas of natural interest across England, Northern Ireland and Wales. To ensure as many people as possible are able to access key information about these spaces, they needed to introduce bilingual capabilities into their website as part of a major rebuild project, making selected content available in both English and Welsh on their Welsh property sites.

However, faced with a number of different ways to integrate this functionality into their site, and up against challenging deadlines and priorities, the trusted guardians of the nation’s heritage needed trusted help to understand the options available to them, and define the most appropriate solution.

So they turned to Box UK.

We translated the National Trust in Wales’s requirements into clear, concise user stories – fostering a shared understanding of what was needed among the charity’s in-house website project and Welsh-language teams, and enabling us to identify a highly efficient solution that unlocked the project objectives and paved the way for fully bilingual web content across their sites in Wales.

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"From our perspective, the excellent work from Box UK helped us unlock a solution with our national teams."

Kenneth Smith, Senior Marketing & Communications Consultant
National Trust Wales

Telling stories

A major site rebuild project provided the National Trust with the perfect opportunity to introduce Welsh-language content into their online experience. However, functional challenges and a lack of a clear understanding of the extent of the changes needed were hindering attempts to find an effective and efficient solution, which was shared by all teams and departments.

Our bespoke software consultancy team therefore decided to start at the very beginning, and worked together with relevant stakeholders to understand, define and agree upon the scope of the project. Drawing on our experience of Agile requirements gathering techniques, we showed the National Trust’s teams how to utilise user stories – short, succinct descriptions of requirements, told from the perspective of the user. Not only did these user stories help the client more clearly articulate the scope of the project, they greatly assisted communication between the different National Trust teams, in providing a format that could be easily shared, discussed and understood.

Sweating your assets

Once the project requirements had been pinned down, our technical analysts began to explore the development solutions available. Now armed with an in-depth understanding not just of what needed to be achieved, but the reasons driving the project, we quickly discovered that the National Trust already had the tools they needed within their current technology stack. Rather than create an entirely new Welsh-language site then, we advised them to ‘sweat their assets’ and adapt their existing systems to suit this new purpose – giving them the solution they needed, but with significantly less overhead than originally envisaged.

A wealth of Welsh content

Welsh-language content has now been added to all National Trust Wales property sites, meaning the National Trust’s audience can now learn all about the country’s grand history and heritage in their preferred language. Not only this, but in introducing user stories into the organisation we’ve given them a valuable requirements gathering framework, that they can use again and again.

Our engagement gave the National Trust the solution to unlock the problems they faced – all in just three days. We’ve shown what can be achieved when you focus on the value being delivered, rather than just the technology. Now let’s see what we can do for you.

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