Concerned about performance or struggling with technical debt? It’s time for a code review.

Whether you have concerns about an existing project or are about to embark on a new development project, a code review can give you the confidence you need to move forward.

Example slides from a code review showing code quality and roadmap

At Box UK our developers and consultants have performed code reviews for clients including RS Components and Jaguar Land Rover, analysing large, complex systems that are often business-critical. And we can do the same for you too.

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What’s covered?

During a code review we’ll look at every aspect of your code, including:

  • How well it adheres to standards and good practices
  • How effectively it’s supported
  • How easy it is to maintain
  • How secure and scalable it is
  • How it performs in terms of speed, reliability and security

We’ll then highlight the key facts and figures in a report compiled just for you, that can be used as an initial benchmark against which you can measure progress over time. We’ll also provide clear, practical recommendations for improvement, prioritised so that you can direct your efforts towards where they’ll deliver the greatest possible benefit, as quickly as possible.

Code Reviews in action

RS Components

To support RS Components in the transformation of their 750,000-strong community platform DesignSpark, we first had to gain a clear picture of their what was going on with their current software.

An in-depth code review provided the understanding needed – including the location and nature of existing dependencies, potential security vulnerabilities, and levels of test coverage. This was vital in informing the direction of future development, to ensure effort was targeted where it was needed most.

Jaguar Land Rover

Before undertaking what could potentially be a major redevelopment of their Symptom Driven Diagnostics tool, JLR needed to understand what was going on with the software in its current state.

By conducting a code review as part of a comprehensive research and evaluation project, we provided JLR with the insight they needed, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions about the software’s future, and helping to ensure they get the greatest possible value out of any investment.

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