With our team of highly experienced industry professionals located in and around central London, Box UK specialise in delivering bespoke software development services to businesses requiring for high-performance web and software solutions, which will serve their customer needs both now, and in the future.

Being based in London and surrounding areas our team of strategic remote consultants and software developers can work collaboratively with your teams wherever they’re based, ensuring your key stakeholders have sight of project progress and maximise responsiveness, convenience and efficiency.

Acting as digital solution partners to a wide range of enterprise clients, our presence in London enables us to work collaboratively with a range of partners across the public sector, and a wide range of industries including finance, manufacturing, and educational institutions.

We also work with organisations across the UK including:

Our Clients

Why Box UK?

For over 25 years we’ve provided digital solutions that help businesses adapt and evolve at pace. Operating end-to-end across the whole software lifecycle, we’re able to provide support at every stage of the digital journey.

As an extended part of your team, we share your challenges and ambitions to reimagine what’s possible, and deliver you future growth.

With a wealth of experience across diverse sectors, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing and e-commerce, Box UK understands the unique demands and intricacies of each industry. 

By maintaining a local presence, Box UK fosters close collaboration with clients, facilitating clearer communication, faster feedback loops, and greater visibility into the development process. This proximity of our London based team, enables Box UK to swiftly address issues, adapt to evolving requirements, and deliver tailored solutions that make a tangible impact on organisations, ensuring successful outcomes for their software development initiatives.

"Box UK navigated the extremely complex internal environment and was able to get the project fully implemented quickly."

Matthew Keefe
VP of Marketing & Strategic Projects APAC, RS Components
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