Flexible, responsive mobile development. For multi-channel experiences that target users on the move.

From responsive frameworks to connected cross-channel experiences, we’ll work with you to develop solutions that extend your reach, attract customers, encourage interaction and increase your conversions. And with a track record like ours, you can trust in our ability to deliver.

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A need for speed

Box UK has extensive experience in delivering exceptional mobile experiences, not least in the following examples:

  • Helping TBC Bank grow their customer base by 275% in just two years through the delivery of an award-winning multi-channel experience.
  • Transforming Investec Asset Management’s digital platform into a responsive service in just 24 weeks from start to finish.
  • Enabling medical professionals to access critical clinical information 40% faster than before through the BMJ Best Practice app.

Mobile and more

Creating an exceptional mobile experience is about so much more than just the technology you use. It’s about understanding the specific motivations, behaviours, expectations and constraints of your users across different devices. It’s about knowing how your users journey across and between different channels to achieve a goal. And it’s about predicting how emerging technologies and trends will change these behaviours, so you won’t get left behind.

This is why we involve technical and user experience consultants in our projects from the very earliest stages, alongside a mobile development team skilled in all the latest languages, tools and frameworks. To help you define a multi-channel strategy that not only supports your wider brand objectives but that drives business results.

Mobile Experiences in Action


Across the globe, over 100,000 medical professionals rely on the information delivered through the British Medical Journal’s Best Practice mobile app to inform their clinical decision-making.

Keeping speed and accessibility front-of-mind, we rebuilt both iOS and Android versions of the app from the ground up – reducing the time to download it and its contents by 70% and reducing storage by 60%, as well as making the experience of finding relevant information intuitive, fluid and fast.

BMJ: From 2 stars to 5 stars

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