Detailed bespoke software specifications, from an expert software design company.

Complex, enterprise software requirements often require a creative solution. Which is why our software design consultants will help deliver a bespoke specification for you that targets your exact requirements, goals, and business environment. We can also support your digital transformation strategy with tailored software design plans to support new processes and touchpoints as you grow your digital offering.

Thoroughly-researched, and tailored to you, these technical specifications provide a single, central point of reference for all teams involved on your software project, minimising risk, reducing cost and speeding up your time to market.

Software professionals reviewing code on a screen

Research. Define. Refine.

In order to design flexible and intuitive software applications, we first make sure we have an in-depth appreciation of your aims and objectives. And we find that, to build up this knowledge, you can’t beat one-on-one conversations. So our software design consultants will interview key members of your team, hold stakeholder workshops and briefing sessions, and even survey your users to find out what they want to achieve from your digital products.

When we’re fully up to speed, our coders, engineers and architects can begin translating your requirements into a useful and usable format, employing modular architecture and best-of-breed integrations to give you the enterprise features and functionality you need.

Assessment and review are the watchwords throughout this whole process – we’ll continually test different technologies to validate their effectiveness in meeting your goals. We’ll even build representative, interactive prototypes to determine with absolute certainty that the solution we propose is suitable.

Example solution overview (components) for Inventory System

The result? Software designs that you can trust implicitly. That your developers can follow at every stage. And that guarantee you a finished solution precision-engineered to deliver the power and flexibility required for you to achieve your goals.

Software Design in Action

Obsolescence Manager

With obsolescence one of the biggest problems facing the electronics industry today, RS Components wanted to provide its users with a free, easy-to-use solution to help manage this challenge.

The Obsolescence Manager tool we designed now gives engineers the lifecycle status of the parts they use – enabling them to proactively manage obsolescence across their projects – alongside information about up to 70 million alternative parts should obsolescence be an issue.


Being a multinational financial institution, it’s vital that Investec Asset Management’s digital strategy is underpinned by a powerful technology platform.

When we were engaged in a full redesign and rebuild then, we transformed this platform’s underlying architecture to make everything more secure, stable and scalable – enabling Investec Asset Management to provide dynamic information across their 22 role- and region-specific sites much faster than before.

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