With ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and ISEB accreditations, you can trust in our tests.

With our software testing services there’s no need to run the risk of expensive downtime and performance issues – our expert consultants will help you develop software testing strategies and quality assurance procedures that identify potential vulnerabilities in your process, highlight opportunities for efficiency or saving, and minimise risk.

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Our software testing strategies detail:

  • The approaches, tools and workflows that will give you the coverage you need.
  • Recommendations on reporting so that you always have the latest, most relevant information.
  • Guidance on creating the user stories and acceptance criteria that will confirm your strategy’s working.

A commitment to quality

Evidenced by ISO 9001 and 27001 accreditations, Box UK’s commitment to quality runs throughout the organisation. Our internal quality management processes are subjected to the very strictest standards, all code goes through several levels of approval before it’s allowed anywhere near a live environment and at least 98% of bugs are caught pre-release.

A test-driven development approach ensures the design and delivery of robust applications, and our project-specific QA teams (who lead the BBC’s testing framework) support both manual and automated testing – targeting areas of particular interest and/or historical fragility to ensure your peace of mind. 

Our tech stack

In order to be effective, the software testing process must be underpinned by technology that’s robust, proven and well-supported. Not only does this support the creation of software that’s bug-free and fit-for-purpose, it also increases the speed with which features can be signed off and released.

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Drawing on a variety of modern, flexible testing tools and frameworks, we select only the most appropriate solutions for each individual project, ensuring all code meets our incredibly high quality standards, every time. Here are just some of the technologies at our disposal:

  • PHPUnit – PHP unit testing library
  • Jasmine – behaviour-driven JavaScript testing library
  • Karma – test running environment for JavaScript
  • QUnit – a JavaScript unit testing framework
  • PHP Codesniffer – PHP tool for checking code against a set of coding standards
  • JSLint/JSHint – JavaScript tools for checking code against a set of rules
  • NUnit – open-source unit testing framework for .NET
  • MOQ – mocking library for .NET for use in tests
Software Testing in Action


Over 100,000 medical professionals across the globe rely on the BMJ Best Practice App to inform their clinical decision-making. When we rebuilt the app from the ground up, then, ensuring the accuracy of all information was vital.

Employing a variety of testing techniques – including replicating real-world scenarios such as patchy network connections – we were able to safeguard the quality of the finished app, which now provides access to crucial information more quickly and easily than ever before.

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