Strategy & Planning Services


Ensure your project’s success with an in-depth Discovery phase that provides just enough up-front insight to allow subsequent development work to proceed quickly, efficiently, and in line with your strategic goals.

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Roadmap Planning

Identify risk, plan for cultural change and recruit strategically with a technology and implementation roadmap that gives you a crucial point of reference from which to guide future direction.

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Peers, Innovators, Competitors

Providing insight into how influential organisations are successfully applying innovative techniques, a Peers, Innovators and Competitors (PIC) report highlights opportunities for you to enhance your own online presence.

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Options Analysis

Identify the systems, integrations and architecture that will serve you both now and in the future with a comprehensive options analysis that delivers a shared understanding of needs alongside a rigorous evaluation of available solutions.

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CTO as a Service

Our CTO as a Service offering helps ensure that your IT ecosystem is optimised to deliver the outcomes you need, providing a flexible and cost-effective means of accessing expert, tailored technical advice and guidance.

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Strategy & Planning in action

Jaguar Land Rover

A comprehensive research and evaluation project provided JLR with crucial information on the costs and timescales associated with transitioning their Symptom Driven Diagnostics tool to the web, to support international scalability while maintaining the highest standards of quality across their global teams.

The insight delivered has enabled JLR to make informed strategic decisions about the software’s future – helping them get the greatest possible value out of any investment they make.

Rentalcars were able to effectively benchmark their customer loyalty proposition, and identify opportunities for improvement, with the help of a PIC review from Box UK.

Delivering insight into how their offering performed against others in the sector, alongside best-of-breed examples from a wide range of industries, the organisation now has a solid plan for the future, which will help them maintain valuable competitive advantage in the face of growing customer expectation.

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