UX & Design Services

User Research

Using a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques, our user research delivers unparalleled insight into the needs, motivations, expectations and constraints of your audience, for digital solutions that serve, satisfy and delight.

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Usability Audits

Whether for a new product or existing service, our expert usability review provides you with an actionable plan to improve user engagement, and supports you in creating a truly compelling customer experience.

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Information Architecture

Our Information Architecture services organise, structure, and label your content in an effective and scalable way – so that your users can find the information they need, and complete their online tasks, efficiently and effectively.

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UX Design

Starting with sketching workshops that enable the creative ideation and iteration of concepts, we’ll develop compelling UX designs that work seamlessly across devices and ensure a great experience at every turn.

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Visual Design Services

Expertly-crafted visual designs effectively communicate your brand while safeguarding the highest levels of usability and accessibility, and can be easily applied and reused across websites and apps, HTML emails and more.

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Usability Testing

Catering to your unique requirements, our testing allows you to understand user behaviour and gives you the confidence to make decisions about your roadmap – as well as satisfying stakeholders that budgets are being appropriately spent.

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Usability Lab Hire

Highly effective at helping you improve the performance of your products and services, our self-contained usability testing suite has been designed to cater for all your website, app and mobile user testing needs.

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UX & Design in action

TBC Bank

Over the years, TBC Bank has relied upon Box UK to deliver a number of projects that support them in their aim of providing the best multi-channel experience in the region.

Working closely with the financial institution, we’ve implemented a programme of strategic UX&D activity that has delivered a measurable, positive impact – including increasing the number of banking clients by a staggering 275%, and growing mobile penetration from 20% to 80% in just two years.

Middlesex University

To gain the rich qualitative insight Middlesex University required to assess the effectiveness of their website, we embarked on an extensive programme of laboratory usability testing.

Conducting sessions with four representative user groups across three different devices and multiple user journeys, we provided the educational institution with the insight needed to move its digital strategy forward, along with expert recommendations for further improvement and refinement.

RCN: Development of a user driven digital platform

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