Iterate and improve digital products for long-term returns with an in-depth usability audit.

Want to validate the success of a recently-launched project, or know that aspects of your digital strategy are underperforming? Whatever your goals, an expert usability review can deliver insight to help you make significant improvements to both user satisfaction and business performance.

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From websites and online portals through to multi-channel and ecommerce experiences, we can review any of your digital products and services to assess how well they adhere to good UX practice and key accessibility and usability standards.

Deliverables include

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How it works

Process and takeaways

Our usability reviews begin with our consultants taking a walk through your site or app, evaluating key tasks and user journeys along the way. We’ll then compile a bespoke, visual report that provides an invaluable insight into your digital product. This comprehensive document will:

  • Clearly identify issues that need to be resolved and, more importantly, outline the best ways to solve them.
  • Pinpoint the areas that are working well, so that you can adopt best practice for future projects.
  • Suggest new ideas for added functionality to improve usability even further.

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Planning or building a something new?

Let us run the rule over your wireframes, prototypes and design mockups. We can establish what’s working (and what’s not) early on – and we’ll evaluate your competitors too, identifying their strengths along with any weaknesses that you can exploit for an actionable plan to optimise user engagement from the outset.

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Rentalcars were able to effectively benchmark their customer loyalty proposition – and identify opportunities for improvement – with the help of a usability review from Box UK.

By working to understand user needs and client objectives, and focusing on a business-critical area of the site, we’ve armed Rentalcars with a solid plan for the future, as well as championing UX best practice to help them transform their online experience from one that was already good to something truly great.

Webinar: From Insight to Action

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