Get an actionable plan to increase engagement, conversions and repeat visits with our in-depth User Experience (UX) audit service.

Want to validate the success of a recently-launched website or app, or know that aspects of your digital transformation strategy are underperforming? Whatever your goals, a UX audit – also known as UX design review – can deliver insight to help you make significant improvements to both user satisfaction and business performance.

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From website usability audits through to online portals, ecommerce platforms, mobile apps and multi-channel experiences, our UX consultants can undertake an expert review of any of your digital products and services. They’ll assess how well your systems adhere to good UX practice and key accessibility and usability standards, presenting key findings back to you as part of a bespoke report along with clear, prioritised recommendations and next steps.

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What is a UX audit?

Whether you already know that an aspect of your site or app is under-performing, or you have recently launched something new and need to take stock, a UX audit will enable you to measure and improve return on investment both quickly and effectively.

To allow our team to focus on the highest-value elements of your website or application, your engagement will kick off with a briefing session where we’ll confirm the scope of the review, and add more detail and depth to our understanding of your requirements, goals, and contexts of use.

During this session we’ll cover a number of areas to help finalise your project brief, looking at:

  • Your current user flows and interactions, via a walkthrough of your site/application.
  • What ‘success’ looks like and the metrics by which we’ll measure any improvements.
  • Who your users are, and what their priorities, mental models and expectations may be.
  • Your current analytics data, to assess user behaviour patterns and trends, and identify common pain points.
  • Any documentation or research you might already have in place, such as user stories or initial build specifications.

Once the brief for your review has been agreed, your UX consultant will go away and complete the review, stepping through your site or app exactly as a user would to evaluate key tasks and navigation paths along the way.

From this review they’ll then compile their findings into a bespoke, visual report for your teams, providing invaluable insight into current performance and clear, prioritised recommendations for improvement.

How can we help?

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A UX audit from Box UK will help you:

  • Understand current usability levels across your site or application, including metrics from user research techniques including tree testing, card sorting and five-second tests.
  • Identify priority elements that need to be addressed and areas for improvement, with annotated screenshots highlighting major and minor usability problems.
  • Pinpoint the areas that are working well, so that you can adopt best practice for future projects.
  • Plan a programme of short- and long-term improvement works, with prioritised recommendations and ‘quick win’ suggestions.
  • Get inspiration to improve the experience even further, based on examples of usability best practice from your competitors and beyond.
  • Make a business case for change with the help of a clear executive summary and next steps.

Benefits of UX audits

Providing an objective assessment of how users journey through your website or application, our UX audit services enable you to make targeted improvements that drive measurable results for your bottom-line.

By removing barriers to completion, clearly highlighting next steps and making important content easy to find you’ll streamline key journeys and help users complete their tasks more efficiently – resulting in reduced drop-off rates, increased and optimised engagement, and greater loyalty and return visits.

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An ecommerce audit can also help reduce basket abandonment, drive larger and more frequent orders, and take the pressure off your customer service teams by clearly displaying product and delivery information up front.

Simplified self-service capabilities can additionally reduce operational overheads and drive business efficiencies, ensuring your users are provided with a useful, usable and valuable experience from the first interaction, and applying this to all your touchpoints to ensure consistency at every turn.

Regularly reviewing performance also fosters a culture of continual iteration and improvement, allowing you to keep your digital channels focused on the needs of your audience as new trends, technologies and devices emerge.

Our work


Rentalcars were able to effectively benchmark their customer loyalty proposition – and identify opportunities for improvement – with the help of a professional UX design review from Box UK.

By working to understand user needs and client objectives, and focusing on a business-critical area of the site, we’ve armed Rentalcars with a solid plan for the future, as well as championing UX best practice to help them transform their online experience from one that was already good to something truly great.


To help the Royal Yachting Association achieve its strategic goals of increasing both online and offline engagement, we conducted a review of one of its website’s most frequently-used features – a ‘Where’s My Nearest’ tool that helps users find clubs and other services close to them.

The detailed audit report we provided gave the RYA with everything they needed to proceed with a programme of optimisation centred on maximising value, and validated against UX and industry best practice principles.


When the Royal Photographic Society was planning to undertake a full-site rebuild, they approached Box UK to help them create a brief for tendering firms that was user-driven from the outset.

Our UX consultants carried out a series of user research activities including a detailed UX audit, analytics review, usability testing and analysis of a member survey to create user stories and a HTML prototype – crucial contextual information to ensure the finished site effectively balanced the needs of RPS’ multiple stakeholders and audiences.

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