Improve the most important conversion funnels across your website or application for demonstrably improved ROI.

Focused on increasing the percentage of visitors to your website or app that convert, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a highly effective way of maximising return on investment from your digital platforms.

Of course in order to do this, it’s critical that CRO drives improvements that measurably improve the customer experience and your bottom line – maintaining your competitive advantage in a world where online channels are now the primary means of interaction for many.

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At Box UK, our CRO teams are multidisciplinary. We use expert insight from business analysts, software developers, user experience consultants and designers to deliver an end-to-end conversion rate optimisation process that begins with robust and informed test hypotheses, and finishes with the implementation of successful new features or designs.

And results are delivered quickly, proven in measurable improvements to order values, conversion rates, revenue and profit.

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CRO services at Box UK

Realising the success of your CRO initiative requires a strategic and consistent approach, based on an ongoing cycle of ideation, testing, analysis, implementation and iteration – something Box UK has extensive experience of delivering for its roster of international clients.

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Our CRO consultants have helped global retailers grow order value, reduce cart abandonment and increase purchase volumes, with our two-pronged approach to CRO:

  • Removing friction from customer journeys by addressing common pain points and drop-offs
  • Accelerating sales and profit by identifying and executing opportunities for improvement throughout the conversion process.

How we deliver

Our CRO process typically kicks off with an initial CRO audit to zone in on crucial conversion funnels and journeys, and we rapidly iterate your CRO programme to realise the impact of learnings as quickly as possible.

Of course the real value of CRO comes from embedding it into your workstream – so your review will deliver a balance of recommendations from quick wins to more incremental changes which we’ll move forward into a period of ideation and testing. Here we robustly validate what works through a process of experimentation and analysis before deploying proven optimisations to your live environment where you’ll see the ongoing value of this work realised into your business.

And of course, we’re always reviewing performance to identify new opportunities for improvement – for example blending elements of previous work to find even more effective optimisations.

CRO focus areas

There are a multitude of areas to be optimised for more conversions, and we will define those most appropriate for you as part of our project kick-off process. Example of areas we typically cover within an programme of CRO for ecommerce are:

  • Product pages
  • Purchase journeys
  • Basket and checkout
  • Calls to action
  • Login processes
  • Customer feedback loops
  • Site navigation and information architecture
  • Search functionality
  • Pricing
  • Upselling / cross-selling
  • Data capture / usage
  • Personalisation capabilities

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We’ll also analyse how your site performs against key criteria such as PageSpeed and performance – which have been shown to directly impact satisfaction, engagement and conversion rates and is an essential part of drawing customers into your site in the first place. SEO checks can also be carried out to understand how visible your site is in the search results, and whether improvements can be made to increase traffic alongside conversions.

Our work


At the height of AWC’s trading, we were able to dramatically increase sales for this former drinks brand by making key improvements around the checkout process, purchase journeys and product pages. Within just two months, results delivered included:

  • Orders up 13%
  • Average order value up 46%
  • User registrations up 21%
  • Pageviews up 26%


Following on from the successful delivery of OKdo’s enterprise ecommerce platform, we’ve worked on a series of CRO activities that continue to deliver results in a number of key areas:

  • Introducing a new personalised cross-selling mechanism to increase order value
  • Optimising the basket and checkout journey to deliver continuing marginal gains on purchase conversions
  • Improving the management of abandoned basket to provide an instant uplift in recovered baskets
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