Expertly-executed usability testing – for unbeatable user insight.

When you’re committing long-term investment to the development of a new product, or to improving the performance of your current digital channels, you need the highest levels of confidence before you commit to any decisions.

Two human participants in usability testing

At Box UK our consultants have hundreds of hours of user testing under their belts for clients across a wealth of industries – not least FMCG, finance, membership and education – and we offer a number of different usability testing solutions that fit the bill no matter what your particular need.

Catering to your unique timescales and environments, our testing programme allows you to understand user behaviour, giving you the confidence you need to make decisions about features and roadmaps as well as satisfying your stakeholders that budgets are being appropriately spent.

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Guerrilla, remote or moderated?

Whatever your testing requirements, we have the skills and expertise to help you:

  • Looking to validate early sketches and prototypes before committing development resource? Low-fidelity guerrilla testing provides instant insight.
  • Want to benchmark current performance? You can gather large volumes of quantitative data through an unmoderated remote approach.
  • Need to test with specific industries, regions or demographics? Moderated remote testing gathers detailed feedback without requiring users to visit a lab.
  • Want the full bells and whistles treatment? Laboratory testing has been proven as one of the most effective methods for discovering usability and accessibility issues.
Got the expertise, but not the space?

Our purpose-built testing suite is exactly what you need if you already have a team to carry out your testing.

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Usability Testing in action

Middlesex University

To gain the rich qualitative insight Middlesex University required to assess the effectiveness of their website, we embarked on an extensive programme of laboratory usability testing.

Conducting sessions with four representative user groups across three different devices and multiple user journeys, we provided the educational institution with the insight needed to move its digital strategy forward, along with expert recommendations for further improvement and refinement.

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